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We Have Your Wireless Temperature Sensor

From practical & off-the-shelf to cutting edge & custom, nobody offers more wireless temperature monitoring sensors than Phase IV Engineering.

  • RFID, Passive, Active, BAP….Confused? We’re not – we’ve worked with all types of sensors & can guide you to the best solution for your application. If it’s not available off-the-shelf, we can design a custom temp sensor that will meet your needs.
  • A wide range of capabilities: from ultra-miniature to credit card-sized, and sensors designed for extreme temperature, both low  and high.
  • We’ve been in the wireless sensor business for over 20 years – we have the experience to help you choose the wireless temperature sensor that meets your needs – AND the staying power to support you in the future.

Introducing the Breakthrough Leap Sensors® System!

A streamlined approach to sensors. • Designed specifically for industrial & commercial use.

Wireless sensor with industrial metal enclosure and external antenna
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