Industrial Grade Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Relative Humidity, Dew Point


The Leap wireless humidity sensor has the sensor “tethered” outside the enclosure to get an accurate reading.

The sensor also reports temperature as part of its relative humidity reading.


Part of the breakthrough Leap Sensors® system.


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Wireless Humidity and Temperature Sensor Specifications

  • Relative humidity range: 0% to 100%
  • Typical humidity accuracy* – based on a traceable reference probe with specifications:
    • ±5% at 25°C at 20% RH
    • ±3% at 25°C at 50% RH
    • ±3% at 25°C  at 80% RH
  • Temperature range:
    • Transceiver Node: Battery temperature limited to -40°C – 60°C (-40°F – 140°F).  Contact us for higher temperature options.
    • Probe Operating: –40°C to 85°C
  • Probe typical temperature accuracy:
      • ±0.5°C at 5°C to 60°C – tested with a reference probe at 25°C.
      • ±1.0°C at -20°C to 85°C

*For detailed specifications on the humidity sensor, see the manufacturer’s data sheet.

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This wireless sensor is ideal for monitoring:

  • Wireless Humidity Environmental Monitoring

Patents pending.

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