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Reliable, automated temperature monitoring for medical refrigerators & freezers.

The Leap Sensors® wireless sensor system’s advanced design streamlines tracking & reporting with the features you need. Get alerts before an issue arises. Simple 5-minute installation.

Maintaining vaccines, medicines, and lab samples at the correct temperature is crucial for patients’ well-being, not to mention the cost of having to throw out critical and often expensive supplies. CDC guidelines require tracking & recording the storage temperature of these materials, but this can be a burden to already busy staff.

A Leap Sensors temperature data logging system is a practical, cost-effective way to monitor temperature in refrigerators and freezers, including ultra-low temperature freezers, in hospitals, pharmacies, and medical offices. Get increased reliability, eliminate manual reporting, and receive immediate alerts to potential problems. The all-in-one system makes it easy to integrate different types of sensors such as differential pressure and humidity as well. Our wireless sensor experts can help you build a system that meets your exact needs.

wireless refrigerator temperature sensor for medical

Refrigerator/Freezer temp sensor transceiver node with optional open door sensor

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Key Features

  • Easy configurability set the temperature range, sample interval, and alert type that works for you.

  • Opt to receive alerts via text, email, phone

  • Buffered temperature probe and weighted average alert setting (optional) smooth out spikes to reduce alarm fatigue.

  • Time-stamped data logging exports to .csv file. No more manual recording & reporting.

  • Data integrates easily to existing monitoring software, if needed.

  • Ultra-thin connection between probe & transceiver maintains gasket seal integrity & reduce frost buildup.

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