Wireless Sensor Solutions


When looking for a wireless sensor solution, customers trust Phase IV Engineering’s depth of knowledge, and wealth of experience and professionalism. Whether you need a simple, off-the-shelf sensor to get started, a wireless sensor network that can be up and running in 5 minutes, or a custom-designed solution that you can’t find anywhere else, we have the expertise to help you.

Examples of Applications Utilizing Wireless Sensor Technology

Predictive Maintenance


In industrial applications, predictive maintenance (also known as condition-based maintenance) can identify potential machine faults and failure before they occur. Whether it’s detecting abnormal material wear or overheating, our wireless sensor technology can be placed or even embedded in locations that are usually difficult or impossible to access. In addition, our new Leap Sensors® wireless sensor network  is quick and easy to deploy – sensors can be up and running in minutes!

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SmartStem® is a wireless pressure and temperature sensor built into an airplane tire’s inflation stem that makes the daily tire pressure check quick, easy, accurate, and automatically documented. Crane Aerospace partnered with Phase IV to develop this advanced technology which simplifies aircraft maintenance. The SmartStem® flies as standard equipment on every Boeing 777 and 787.

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Animal Health & Agriculture


Phase IV’s Dairy Cow Health Monitoring System provides automatic identification (RFID) and temperature monitoring of dairy cows for the early detection of disease. By identifying fever and other milk producing death loss has been reduced from 7.5% to 5.5% in a typical 1,500 head dairy.

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A Fortune 500 utility company asked Phase IV to design a small UHF beacon transmitter optimized for placement directly on high voltage transmission cables. Using breakthrough UHF technology, our client can now download and record cable or clamp temperatures from up to 100 meters away. The sensor battery life of 5 years or longer permits very long maintenance intervals.

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Phase IV has developed an ultra-thin wireless temperature patch for hospitalized patients. By accurately measuring and transmitting skin temperature of comatose patients, fever spikes can easily be detected and nurses alerted.

Food Processing


Our ultra-miniature, battery-free sensors and battery-assisted data loggers are ideal for high temperature food processing applications (up to 150 °C/302 °F). Submersible sensors can read and transmit through liquids, and advanced RFID interface enables wireless programming and sensor data download.

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Phase IV has developed an extremely rugged transmitter and repeater system utilizing an RFID tag that measures the temperature and pressure of large, expensive off road mining tires (OTR tires). Data is collected at the truck cab or fixed stations and transmitted to user’s system by Wi-Fi link, identifying potential problems before they occur.

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Questions about Phase IV Engineering’s RFID & wireless sensor technology? Need a quote for a specialized wireless sensor solution? Talk to one of our wireless sensing experts today.

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Questions about Phase IV Engineering's RFID & wireless sensor technology? Need a quote for a specialized wireless sensor solution? Talk to one of our wireless sensing experts today.
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