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Can’t find your wireless sensor solution? You’ve come to the right place. We invented RFID sensors in 1992, and since then we’ve worked with clients world-wide to apply the most advanced and effective wireless sensor solutions. Whether you need RFID sensors or Battery-assisted passive sensors, multi-sensor or data loggers, we’ve worked with them all – we’ll help you find the right solution for YOUR needs.

Specialized RFID & Wireless Sensor Solutions to Give You the Cutting Edge

Go with the experts and leverage our 25 years of expertise living on the leading edge of wireless sensor technology.
We understand that most sensing solutions require custom sensor features. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, then contact us about adapting one of our many existing designs to your specific needs. Our staff of senior engineers will review your requirements and recommend adapting an existing design to minimize the customization expense.
While we excel at doing patent-able design work, we also know how to keep things simple & effective. We can execute your vision while respecting your budget and other constraints.
In high-risk solutions, Phase IV Engineering can quickly prototype new sensor solutions for proof-of-concept testing. This allows us to identify problems early and reduce overall development costs, time, and risk. In the rare case where the requirements cannot be met – we find that out in the first project phase by tackling the most challenging requirements first.
We have expertise in all types of wireless sensors. Our competitors only offer 1 or 2 options; you may have to compromise to make their offerings work for you. We can help you find the right solution for YOUR situation.
Our engineering team covers all the engineering disciplines including electrical, radio (RF), mechanical, software, firmware, and manufacturing engineers.  We can design and build all or part of the final system.
We pioneered RFID sensor solutions. We have the technology expertise to deliver the most effective solution to our customer’s problems, whether passive or active, and all across the frequency range. If you need a wireless sensor solution, Phase IV can bring that solution to market by leveraging our radio design and low-power circuit design expertise.
Our customer satisfaction record speaks for itself. Many Fortune 500 companies trust us to do their complex wireless sensor R&D and innovation – you can, too.

We Welcome Tough Sensing Problems


“Where else do you get to come to work and do things that have never been done before?” Joe Letkomiller, Senior Engineer

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