A Giant Leap in Wireless Sensors for the IoT

Cutting-edge technology - Easy installation - IoT & smart device-ready

High Temperature Operation up to 120C (250F)

Data "Any Way You Want It"

Wide Range of Sensors Ready to Install

The only wireless sensor with electronics and battery rated to operate in high-heat environments.

Highly adaptable gateway. We use your protocol or our API to quickly integrate with your existing software. Or, use our cloud-based program. Direct-to-cellular sensor options also available.

We carry a wide range of common sensors that fit most industrial & commercial applications, including a multi-sensor motor monitor.

Wireless Sensor

The World’s Most Adaptable Industrial IoT Wireless Sensor Network

Phase IV has taken its 25 years of designing complex wireless sensor systems for NASA, the US Army, and many Fortune 500 clients, and created a breakthrough sensor platform that makes it easy for small & mid-sized companies to make the leap to the Internet of Things.

As featured in Control, Control Design, and Smart Industry. Read the article – “Phase IV Leap Sensor System Lowers Adoption Barriers”.

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  • Fast, inexpensive proof of concept.

  • Highly adaptable gateway to deliver data “any way you want it”.

  • Designed for industrial applications.

  • High-temperature operation up to 120C (250F).

  • Trusted, standard secure protocol.

  • Adaptable to almost any sensor – multiple sensors per module keep the total system cost low.

  • Data logger mode – up to 10,000 time-stamped readings on board the sensor.

  • Direct-to-cellular sensor options when gateways are not practical.

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Leap demonstration sensor with two thermocouples and tethered magnetic mounted vibration sensor

Leap Wireless Sensor Demo Kit with two thermocouples and a tethered magnetic-mounted vibration sensor

Leap gateway with onboard web-based user interface

Leap gateway for Wireless Sensor System with on-board web-based user interface

3 Steps to Your Leap Wireless Sensor System

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  • Wireless temperature sensor

  • Wireless pressure sensor

  • Wireless strain sensor

  • Wireless humidity sensor

  • Wireless vibration sensor

  • Wireless switch sensor

  • Wireless accelerometer sensor

  • Wireless impact sensor

  • Wireless tilt sensor

  • Wireless incline sensor

  • Wireless thermocouple sensor

  • Wireless amp clamp sensor

  • Wireless current sensor

  • Wireless voltage sensor

  • Wireless fluid level sensor

  • Wireless water sensor

  • Wireless flood sensor

  • Wireless light sensor

  • Wireless G-force sensor

  • Wireless pulse counter sensor

  • And more – custom sensors available