A Major Leap in Wireless Sensor Design

Our advanced design makes it simple for you to connect to the industrial IoT.

hand holding high temperature senosr industrial background

Low-cost – rapid ROI

Modular, wireless design makes it easy to test a proof-of-concept system.

Initial set-up in minutes

The Leap system arrives pre-configured for “plug & play” installation. Wireless design eliminates expensive & time-consuming retrofitting.

Expert guidance

We’ve been in the wireless sensor business for over 25 years. We’ll make sure your system meets your exact needs.


Adding more sensors or updating the system software is hassle-free.

Leap Sensors®: Like X-Ray Vision Combined with a Crystal Ball™

Our advanced design makes it easy for you to monitor your critical equipment & processes – and know ahead of time where a problem might occur. With modular, multi-sensor technology that is easy to install and update, Leap Sensors meets the specific, demanding needs of industrial and enterprise users.


Make the Leap to better wireless monitoring – talk to our experts today!

Wireless Industrial Sensors

Advancements Lead to Opportunities

Watch our 5-minute video to learn more about recent improvements in wireless sensor technology – and what it means for manufacturers.

wireless rs485
wireless sensor gateway from leap sensors angle view showing end

How It Works

The Leap Sensors system requires: the sensor transceiver node to monitor & transmit information, a gateway to transfer the information to the software, and the software to collect the information & transmit alerts.

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  • Wireless temperature sensor

  • Wireless pressure sensor

  • Wireless strain sensor

  • Wireless humidity sensor

  • Wireless vibration sensor

  • Wireless switch sensor

  • Wireless accelerometer sensor

  • Wireless impact sensor

  • Wireless tilt sensor

  • Wireless incline sensor

  • Wireless thermocouple sensor

  • Wireless amp clamp sensor

  • Wireless current sensor

  • Wireless voltage sensor

  • Wireless fluid level sensor

  • Wireless water sensor

  • Wireless flood sensor

  • Wireless light sensor

  • Wireless G-force sensor

  • Wireless pulse counter sensor

  • And more – custom sensors available