Wireless Meat Temperature Probe

This wireless temperature sensor employs a heavy-duty 4-inch metal probe. Ideal for remote monitoring of heating and cooling temperatures during meat & poultry processing.

  • Rugged probe: 3/16″ diameter needle that reduces to 0.15″ at the tip.
  • Wide temperature range: from -40 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Rapid response time of 5 seconds in liquid.
  • Data logging makes tracking & storing internal meat temperature to streamline USDA Appendix A & B compliance.

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Wireless Temperature Probe Sensor Specification

Heavy duty wireless temperature probe is ideal for monitoring the heating and cooling of meat & poultry products.

  • 4″ long probe is 3/16″ diameter needle that reduces to 0.15″ at the tip.
  • Temperature range from -40 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Rapid response time of 5 seconds in liquid.
  • Polyurethane outer jacket, protective up to 176F and the handle is rated to 300F.
  • 48-inch coiled cable (retracts to 12 inches) with polyurethane outer jacket: ideal for heavy-duty immersion or insertion needs when durability and strength are needed.
  • Option for dual temperature probes to monitor two different areas at once.

This wireless sensor can also integrate with any thermocouple probe with a standard mini-bladed thermocouple connector.

Overall Temperature Accuracy

Please note that the overall temperature accuracy is a combination of the electronics and the thermocouple that is connected to the Leap Sensor. Since the thermocouple is typically selected by the end-user, an overall accuracy of the final system cannot be stated. Below is information on the accuracy of the Leap electronics and additional general information on the accuracy of thermocouples.

Thermocouples are popular in many industrial applications due to their wide variety and wide temperature range. They are not highly accurate and are typically used for monitoring applications and not for precision temperature measurements. For higher accuracy temperature measurements, see the Leap RTD temperature sensors.

Thermocouple Electronics Specifications

  • Electronics reads from
    • K-Type: -150C to 1300C*.
    • S-Type: -10C to 1600C
    • B-Type: -300 to 1800C
    • Other types – contact us
  • Resolution is 19-bit or 0.0078125C.
  • Electronics accuracy is:
    • Typical: +/- 2C from -150C to 200C
    • Typical: +/- 1% of full scale from 200C to 1300C.

*Overall accuracy is a combination of the electronics and the thermocouple that is used. See more information below.

Standard K-Type Thermocouple Sensor Specifications

Other thermocouple types are available.

  • Connect a K-type thermocouples using standard miniature flat pin connectors. (See photos.)
    • Connectors come with protective rubber boot.

Leap Node Thermocouple Electronics Specification

  • The Leap Sensor transmitter module (electronics, enclosure, and battery) can operate up to 85C, or 120C by special order.
  • Electronics set for K thermocouple range of -150C to 1300C (-238F to 2372)F.
  • Standard Type K Accuracy
    • Leap Sensor Thermocouples are compensated for non-linear thermocouple characteristics at cold temperatures – to ensure accurate readings at cold temperatures.
  • Cold junction compensation is on the Leap Sensor circuit board.

About Leap Sensors®

Better Design – Better Data – Better Decisions™

Based on Phase IV Engineering’s 30 years of wireless sensor experience, Leap is THE system designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of industrial users. These sensors are a true leap advancement in Industrial IoT wireless sensing.

  • Modular design makes it easy & cost-effective to adapt to your specific needs – and update easily for a “future-proof” system.
  • Edge computing manages large amounts of data before transmission to software – only get information you need.
  • Bank standard data security: Multi-layered Thread network security using AES-128 data encryption.
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Typical Industrial Wireless Sensor Applications

This wireless sensor is ideal for monitoring:

  • Meat heating and cooling monitoring
  • Food processing

Patents pending.

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