Industrial Grade Wireless Universal Multisensor Node

A true leap advancement in wireless sensing, our multisensor node will support large number of sensors of different types on one Leap transceiver node.

  • Select the combination of sensors that are needed for your application.
  • Universal design platform means cost-effective prototyping, low-volume sensor production, and short design lead times.
  • Monitor several sensors at one location on a machine.
  • Multiple sensors per sensor node is more cost-efficient.


Part of the breakthrough Leap Sensors® system.

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Multisensor Options

To provide exactly what you need, each Leap transceiver node may be configured with all, or a sub-set, of these sensing options:

  • Sensing Capability
    • 2 Thermocouples – electrically isolated, all types – K-type standard, high accuracy across a wide range of cold and hot temperatures.
    • Switch Input
      • Door open, pulse counter, flow meter, etc.
    • I2C Bus – multiple sensors
      • Pressure, humidity, dew point, temperature, magnetometer
    • Can Bus – Industrial and electrically isolated – up to 200 daisy-chained Sensors
      • Vibration – 5 KHz FFT Edge computing sensors
      • Integration of any type of sensor needed
    • Analog to Digital Converter – 24 bit, high precision, software controlled
      • Analog Input 1- with precision voltage reference
        • Strain – full bridge with software offset
        • Or, instead of strain, one of these…
          • 3-wire high-precision PRT temperature sensor
          • 2-wire PRT temperature sensor
          • Additional switch input
      • Analog Input 2 – with precision voltage refernece
        • 4-20 mA Input – Powered by Leap edge node battery
        • Pressure sensor, Current Transformer, etc.
          • Two 0-5, 0-10, 0-12 V Analog inputs – powered by Leap edge node battery
            • Pressure sensor, current transformer, load cell, etc.
          • Any analog output sensor
  • Outputs
    • Displays – multicharacter
    • Warning lights
    • Buzzers
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