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We have your wireless sensor solution. See our wide range of wireless sensors designed specifically for industrial & commercial applications. Let us connect you to the Industrial IoT.

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Our Most Popular Wireless Sensors & Data Loggers

Wireless Temperature Sensors

See our full range of sensors for remote monitoring of temperature. Extreme high-temp and low-temp solutions.

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Technology Note: Multi-Sensor Design

The Leap Sensor system’s transceiver nodes are designed to support multiple, different types of sensors on one node. Efficiently monitor several processes in one location.

Wireless Motor Monitoring Sensors

The go-to sensor for industrial applications. Monitor the top 3 indicators of failure: temperature, vibration, electrical current.

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Wireless Humidity Sensors

Accurately monitor humidity or dew point. These sensors also measure temperature.

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Wireless Pressure Sensors

Monitor compressed air pressure, water pressure, etc. Integrates with all types of industrial pressure transducers.

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Wireless Vibration Sensors

Monitor maximum & average g-force trends on all 3 axes. Easily modified to also measure shock and tilt.

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Wireless Strain Sensors / Wireless Load Sensors

Monitor strain or load with this highly adaptable sensor. Let us configure to fit your specific needs.

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Wireless 4-20 mA Sensor Nodes

Easily turn almost any industrial sensor that has a 4-20 mA output into a wireless sensor.

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Technology Note: Data Loggers

All Leap wireless sensors can act as data loggers as a side benefit of our high-reliability design. Track critical processes even when wires or radio signals aren’t possible.

Production Line Counter & Line Downtime Sensor

Groundbreaking sensor counts and timestamps items on a conveyor, using the time intervals to monitor downtime.

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About the Leap Sensors® System for the Industrial IoT

Better Design – Better Data – Better Decisions

Our breakthrough Leap Sensors system is designed specifically to meet the needs of industrial & commercial clients. With its modular design, the Leap Sensors system is easy to configure, install, and keep updated. “Bank Standard” security protocol protects your data from the sensor to the software. Get actionable data you can use to prevent failures & improve performance of your key processes.

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Wireless Sensors for Specialized Applications

Wireless Refrigerator / Freezer Sensors

Highly accurate & easy to install. Monitor commercial refrigerators and freezers with text & phone alerts.

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Wireless Silicon Wafer Sensor

Highly accurate & extremely thin (less than 5mm), Attaches to the top of a silicon wafer for fab process monitoring.

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Wireless Low Differential Pressure Sensor

Continuously monitors low pressures between two locations. Ideal for clean rooms, exhaust hoods, etc.

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Wireless Gearbox Monitoring Sensor

Easy-to-install transceiver node with 3 sensors to monitor the top 3 predictors of failure: temperature, vibration, and current.

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Gateways and Software

Leap Sensors Gateways

A variety of connection options for the Leap Sensors system: USB, ethernet, cellular, on-board display.

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Leap Sensors Software

User interface and database for the Leap Sensors system: PC, cloud, server.

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See the Full Line of Leap Wireless Sensors

With its modular design & multi-sensor transceiver node capability, the Leap Sensors system can monitor almost anything. Gain insight into critical processes and get advance notice of possible failure.
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More Leap Wireless Sensors

9 RTD Wireless Temperature Sensors

Wireless transceiver node that supports up to 9 ultra-small, high-accuracy RTD temperature sensors.

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Wireless Water Sensors / Wireless Flood Sensors

Detect liquid levels in a container or tank. Or use the LeakSense “rope” over a wide surface area.

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Wireless Electric Current Sensors (Amp Clamp)

Easily installs on existing equipment. Monitor power usage and detect surges that may indicate failure.

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I2C or SPI Digital Output Wireless Sensors

Convert any standard I2C or SPI sensor to a wireless sensor. No power source needed.

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Universal Wireless Multi-Sensor Node

Breakthrough design makes it easy to add several sensors to one transceiver node.

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In-Bottle Wireless Pressure & Temperature Sensors

Thin sensor fits in the neck of a bottle to monitor key manufacturing processes.

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Custom Wireless Sensors

Leverage our 25 years of experience on the leading edge of wireless sensor design

Custom Miniature Temperature Sensor Patch
Custom Data Logger
Wireless sensor with industrial metal enclosure and external antenna
RFID Temperature Sensor with Probe
  • Can’t find exactly what you need? Talk to our experts.

  • Many Fortune 500 companies, from Crane Aerospace to Campbell’s Soups, trust us to do their complex wireless sensor R&D and innovation – you can, too.

  • We invented RFID sensors, and we’re the world’s leader in RFID sensor design.

  • Our breakthrough Leap Sensors system is designed to be leveraged for a fast, inexpensive proof-of-concept.

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RFID Sensors

Wireless & battery-free. Long-life, miniature, ideal for harsh conditions. We pioneered the use of wireless RFID sensors. Let our expertise work for you.

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LF RFID Temperature & Pressure Sensor for Composite Material

Ultra-miniature, ideal for embedding in composite materials to monitor temperature & pressure.

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UHF RFID Wireless Temperature Sensors

Battery-free wireless sensors to monitor temperature. Wide operating range for harsh conditions. Small form factor.

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UHF RFID Wireless Strain Sensors

Ideal for structural health monitoring. Battery-free wireless sensors can transmit through concrete and other materials.

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