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Founded in 1992, Phase IV Engineering, Inc. is a provider of world-class RF and wireless sensor solutions that is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

For over 25 years Phase IV Engineering has been engaged in research, development and production of both passive and active wireless sensor and monitoring products. We are the inventors of passive (battery-free) wireless sensing based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Our passive technology provides the communications and identification capabilities of RFID with sensing and monitoring included.

Phase IV has also been a leader in battery-powered (active) wireless sensor systems.  To these Passive RFID and Active RFID sensing systems, Phase IV has added GPS, local area network and SATCOM communication links for world-wide, infrastructure-free tracking and monitoring. These systems, originally developed for aerospace and military applications, have now been optimized for commercial applications including agriculture, transportation and industrial applications. Our innovative technologies offer platforms that enable our customers to find creative and breakthrough solutions to challenging sensing and communications problems.

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For the last 22 years, we have supported every customer and every partner that has purchased a system from us. We will continue to be there when you need us to help. How many other wireless sensor companies can say that?
Most companies will try to sell you the one type of sensor that they specialize in. We have no problem telling you why a certain type of wireless sensor might not be the best fit for your application. When you consult with us, we will direct you to the best type of sensor for your application…because we offer every type.
We are big enough offer a wide variety of leading-edge wireless sensors, but If you need a specialized sensor – we have the know-how to design it for you, quickly and effectively. When you invest in our system, we will NOT tell you “I’m sorry, but we don’t offer that type of sensor”. We already offer a very wide variety of sensors, but if we don’t have it – and you need it – we would be happy to custom design one for you.
We are big enough offer a wide variety of leading-edge wireless sensors, but we are not a big, bureaucratic company. We pride ourselves on answering 95% of our calls personally.
Our wireless sensor experts are all electrical engineers – but they also have past experience as machinists, plant shift managers, and plant maintenance managers.  This background experience give us unique insight to the best way we can solve your sensing problem.
While we excel at doing patent-able design work, we also know how to keep things simple & effective. We can execute your vision while respecting your budget and other constraints.
In high-risk solutions, Phase IV Engineering can quickly prototype new sensor solutions for proof-of-concept testing. This allows us to identify problems early and reduce overall development costs, time, and risk. In the rare case where the requirements cannot be met – we find that out in the first project phase by tackling the most challenging requirements first.  When you are ready for a final product – we have quality system that will support full regulatory compliance.
Our engineering team covers all the engineering disciplines including electrical, radio (RF), mechanical, software, firmware, and manufacturing engineers.  We can design and build all or part of the final system.
We pioneered RFID sensor solutions. We have the technology expertise to deliver the most effective solution to our customer’s problems, whether passive or active, and all across the frequency range. If you need a wireless sensor solution, Phase IV can bring that solution to market by leveraging our radio design and low-power circuit design expertise.
Our customer satisfaction record speaks for itself. Many Fortune 500 companies trust us to do their complex wireless sensor R&D and innovation – you can, too.

Recent Awards

  • Winner – “RFID Product of the Year – Awarded at RFID Journal Live, June 2016.
  • Winner – “Sensor Engineering Team of the Year 2015” – Awarded at Sensors Magazine, Sensors Expo Trade show, June 2015.
  • 1st Place – “Most Innovative Use of RFID” 2015 RFID Journal Live – awarded to our client, Marshall Space Flight Center for the Space Station UPA Battery-Free RFID Temperature Sensor System.  (RFID Journal feature article to be published in June 2015).
  • 1st Place – “Coolest Product Demonstrations” – 2015 RFID Journal Live – RFID rebar strain sensor, world’s smallest wireless temperature sensor, Boeing 777/787 RFID tire temperature and pressure monitoring system.
  • Finalist – “Product of the Year” – 2015 RFID Journal Live – Embedded Concrete Rebar Strain Sensor.  See RFID Journal Article and Video Demonstration.
  • Finalist – “Product of the Year” – 2015 Sensors Magazine, Sensors Expo Trade Show.
  • 1st Place – 2015 South by Southwest Pitch Competition (and other awards) – Prima-Temp Bluetooth Low Energy OvuRing product developed by Phase IV Engineering.
  • Winner, Phase 2 SBIR 2014/15 – US Army MAC Charge battery-free wireless temperature sensor.

Our People

Phase IV’s solutions are based on our extensive expertise in the development of RFID, RF communications, MEMs sensors, signal processing and ASIC design and manufacture.

Our success comes from the collective array of talented and dedicated individuals at Phase IV Engineering. Our people make us who we are and have a wealth of experience and expertise to bring fresh and open-minded thinking to each new challenge and arrive at novel solutions. We create close-working relationships with our clients to ensure a complete understanding of our customer’s requirements.shipcon-web

Our people have a solid background in application development and project management in a dynamic project environment, with involvement in all stages of a project life cycle. By applying these fundamental skills, Phase IV Engineering can offer a timely and professional development service and apply the most effective solution to our customer’s problems, whether Passive or Active RFID, nested RFID, and all across the frequency range.

The people at Phase IV Engineering are dedicated to the innovation of wireless sensing solutions.

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