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Increase reliability and safety with continuous remote structural health monitoring.

The Leap Sensors® wireless sensor system brings IoT technology to SHM. Our state-of-the-art design streamlines installation & reporting for increased safety, informed decisions, and automated reporting.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the process of regularly measuring factors such as strain, movement, vibration on infrastructure including bridges, roads, tunnels, embankments, overpasses, railroads. By tracking at regularly scheduled intervals, maintenance inspectors can detect potential problems early–before they become critical. Traditionally, this has been done manually by engineers in the field on a regular inspection schedule. But what happens in between these inspections? What happens if something is missed due to human error?

By installing a Leap Sensors structural health monitoring system, the process is automated for increased safety and reliability with reduced maintenance costs. No matter what you need to measure (strain, crack propagation, vibration, incline), our wireless sensor experts can help you build a system that meets your exact needs.

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We Have the Wireless SHM Sensor You Need

No matter what you need to monitor, the Leap Sensors system makes it easy. Remotely monitor vibration, strain, temperature, and more - in any combination that fits your specific application.
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Key Features

  • Alerts via text, email, phone

  • 24-bit precision strain sensing – up to 30 on one transceiver node

  • Sensor interfaces for Geokon, Alliance Sensors, RST, and others

  • Cellular transmission capability: ideal for remote locations

  • Easy data integration to existing software, if needed

  • Data logging stores readings for critical analysis & simplified reporting

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