Wireless Motor Monitoring Sensor

Remote Monitoring of the Top 3 Predictors of Motor Failures: Temperature, Current, and Vibration

Breakthrough wireless motor monitoring sensor – the only one available that continually monitors the top 3 predictors of impending machinery motor failure: motor temperature, electrical current draw, and vibration. Make predictive maintenance easy: Get alerted BEFORE a costly line shutdown.

  • Cost-effective: multi-sensor design combines three sensors on one transceiver node.
  • Expert guidance. We’ll make sure you get the sensor system that meets your exact needs.
  • Advanced design makes it easy to retrofit existing equipment: be up & running in 5 minutes. No wires to pull. Newly installed sensors add themselves to monitoring system.

  • Easily integrates into your current SCADA or other software. Or use our cloud-based software.

Part of the Leap Sensors® system.

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About the Wireless Motor Sensor

  • The Leap Wireless Motor Monitoring Sensor connects to a motor and measures the top 3 predictors of impending motor failures.
    • Thermocouple temperature sensor mounts on the motor or gearbox to detect over-heating. Temperature alerts are typically set based on normal readings.
    • Vibration sensor detects maximum and average vibration on 3 axis to detect upward trends or spikes in vibration. Vibration is sampled at 5 KHz on 3 axis for a few seconds in the range of 0 to 8Gs.
    • Amp clamp detects increased electrical current to motors to detect overloads and trends that can predict failures. Electrical current alerts are typically set above normal readings.
  • Sensor readings transmitted every 15 minutes.
  • The data is edge-processed at the sensor level, using proven methods where a change in trend is indicative of an impending failure.
  • Fast and easy to install.
    • Magnetic mounts for temperature and vibration sensors.
    • Amp clamp is “split core” – quickly installs around a wire without disconnecting it.
  • Ideal for:
    • HVAC  motor monitoring
    • Blower  motor monitoring
    • Conveyor motor monitoring
    • Grinder motor monitoring
    • IoT condition monitoring

Patents pending.

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