Frequently Asked Questions About Temperature Sensors

The Leap transceiver node can support multiple temperature sensors of different types including:

  • 2-wire and 3-wire PT100s and  PT1000s.
  • Thermocouples of every type.
  • Digital temperature sensors
  • Thermistors (less common)

The wires to the temperature sensor can be integrated with an IP67 M8 connector or the cable can be run through a metal IP67 cable gland and attached to the spring-loaded terminal block inside the enclosure.

Yes.  We can verify them against a NIST traceable temperature standard and supply a certificate of conformance to that NIST traceable standard.

Common Applications for Temperature Sensors

  • Remote wireless temperature sensor
  • Wireless temperature sensor monitoring system
  • Remote temperature sensor
  • High temperature sensor for industrial applications
  • Wireless thermocouple sensor
  • Wireless thermocouple high temperature
  • Remote thermocouple
  • Wireless water temperature
  • Wireless temperature monitor
  • Wireless pt1000
  • Wireless pt100
  • Wifi temperature sensors
  • Wifi temperature monitor
  • Wifi temp sensor
  • Wifi high temperature sensor
  • Temperature sensor remote
  • Server room temperature monitor
  • Remote temperature sensing device
  • Remote temperature monitor to cell phone
  • Industrial wireless temperature monitoring system
  • High temperature wireless thermometer
  • High heat temperature sensor