Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Custom – Miniature Flex Patch Wireless Sensor

See the detailed product description below.  

This sensor is available for custom design projects.  It is 1 inch in diameter, flexible, and uses an SHT25 Humidity and Temperature Sensor.

We specialize in custom sensors. Contact us for more information.



We specialize in custom sensors.  If this isn’t exactly what you need, please contact us.

  • Flex circuit board – less than 0.010 inches thick.
  • Thickness at battery:  less than 0.120 inches.
  • 1 inch in diameter.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Ultra-low power circuit – battery will last ~ 2 months when transmitting every 15 minutes.
  • Sampling and transmitting interval are factory re-programable.
  • Sensor can be customized for a wide variety of sensors.
  • Connector tab used for recharging the battery and sensor reprogramming (sampling intervals…)
  • Sensor may be coated with medial grade silicon or tapes.
  • Antenna and radio circuit designed to work in open air, against skin, or against other non-conductive materials.
  • Operating Temperature Range: originally designed for 20 to 40°C.  Contact us for other ranges.
  • Sensor performance is set by the Sensirion SHT25 temperature and humidity sensor.  See the Sensirion SHT25 Datasheet for more information.
  • Radio range:  10 to 30 feet in open air.
  • Available with USB or WiFi receiver.
  • Windows “Sensor Viewer” software supports:  real-time data viewing in tabular or graph form, data download in common data formats, select individual or groups of sensors to watch real-time.

This wireless sensor is ideal for monitoring:

  • Skin temperature
  • Fabric testing
  • Surface temperature
  • Applications where very thin sensor is required

This sensor is not certified for food, skin, or chemicals contact.