Micro-T RFID Data Logger Reader

The Micro-T Reader uses a standard Feig HF RFID reader.  The reader comes with a Micro-T desktop reader antenna.

See the Micro-T Data Logger Starter Kit for a discount on the complete Micro-T system.

See more information on the Micro-T Data Logger on the About RFID Data Loggers page.

We specialize in custom sensors.  If this isn’t exactly what you need, please contact us.

Watch our video demonstration of the Micro-T


15% discount for 6+, 25% for 11+, 35% for 25+, 50% for 51+


Reader Includes:

  • Feig HF RFID Reader.
  • Micro-T desktop antenna
  • Phase IV Micro-T data logger software with the following features:  start log, stop log, sensor sampling time interval, data download, data graph, data export.

See the video demonstration an explanation of all the features.

See the Micro-T Product Page for more information on the data logger.

View or download the Micro-T Data Sheet.