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wireless vibration sensor for IoT with thermocouples demo kit

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See our wide range of wireless sensors designed to integrate with our breakthrough Leap Sensor System.

Monitor in remote or hard-to-reach locations. Store readings until they can be transmitted.

Can't find exactly what you need? We're the experts in custom sensor design. We also carry RFID sensors.

Leap Sensors™ Wireless Sensor Systems – NEW! Breakthrough Design  

Long-life batteries (up to 7 years) – Long transmission distance – Easy to configure & install

Wireless Data Loggers

 Remote monitoring in hard-to-reach locations

Micro-TTM Miniature Wireless Data Loggers

Add Additional Micro-T data loggers to the Starter Kit:

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Custom Wireless Sensor Design – Our Specialty

Leverage our 25 years of experience on the leading edge of wireless sensor design

Custom Miniature Temperature Sensor Patch
Custom Data Logger
Wireless sensor with industrial metal enclosure and external antenna
RFID Temperature Sensor with Probe
  • Can’t find exactly what you need? Talk to an expert.
  • Many Fortune 500 companies, from Crane Aerospace to Campbell’s Soups, trust us to do their complex wireless sensor R&D and innovation – you can, too.
  • We invented RFID sensors, and we’re the world’s leader in RFID sensor design.
  • Our new Leap Wireless Sensor platform is designed for a fast, inexpensive proof-of-concept.
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RFID Sensors – Wireless & Battery-Free

Long-life – Miniature – Ideal for harsh conditions


A giant leap forward

Just released!

"Practically battery-free"


Long-range transmission

Data logging options