Frequently Asked Questions about Structural Health Monitoring

Yes.  All of these SHM wireless sensors communicate with the same gateway and the data is consolidated in the Leap Sensor Manager software.

Yes.  The software that gathers the data can send text, email, and telephone alerts.

Common Applications for Structural Health Monitoring

  • Structural load monitor
  • Wireless strain sensing
  • Wireless load senor for monitoring
  • Remote load monitoring
  • Remote strain monitoring
  • Wireless sensor for structural health monitoring
  • IoT sensor for structural health monitoring
  • Wireless strain sensor for the IoT
  • Structure monitoring for strain
  • Wireless pore water sensor
  • Wireless groundwater pressure sensor
  • Wireless groundwater depth sensor
  • Embankment wireless tilt sensor
  • SHM wireless inclinometer sensor
  • Wireless Geokon sensor
  • Wireless RS485 modbus sensor
  • Wireless impact sensor
  • Wireless crack sensor
  • Wireless linear sensor