Frequently Asked Questions about Analog Input

Yes – a powerful battery inside the enclosure can supply 12V or 23VDC to the external sensor.

Common Applications for Analog Input

  • Wireless differential pressure sensors
  • Wireless gas pressure
  • Remote water pressure sensor
  • Remote pore water sensor
  • Multiple wireless sensors to one node
  • Wireless tank level sensors 4 – 20 mA
  • Wireless tranducer sensor 0 – 10V
  • Wifi liquid pressure gauge
  • RS485 Modbus wireless sanitary pressure sensor
  • RS485 to wireless precision pressure sensing
  • RS232 to wireless sensor
  • Remote wireless pressure differential sensor
  • Remote pressure monitoring
  • Remote wireless wifi pressure sensor monitoring
  • Wireless pressure switch
  • Wireless water pressure monitoring
  • Wireless gas pressure monitoring
  • Wireless compressed air remote monitoring
  • Combined wireless pressure and wireless temperature sensor monitoring