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  • This Leap vibration and temperature device node could not be easier to install. The ultra-strong magnet mounts the device node to the equipment in seconds.  Vibration and temperature is conducted through the magnet to the accelerometer and temperature sensor. Ideal for monitoring large gearboxes, bearings, and motors to detect impending failures. Part of the breakthrough Leap Sensors® system.   Build your quote here:
  • Vibration sensor can measure G-forces . Vibration sensor takes a simple yet highly effective approach in monitoring maximum and average g-force trends of +/-16G and can sample at up to 5 KHz on all 3 axes. The accelerometer has optional advanced on-board edge computing FFT capabilities. Customized options include vibration, tilt, and shock events. Up to 8 vibration modules can be attached to one transceiver node.  The vibration module also includes a temperature sensor.

    Video Demonstration and Tutorial

    wireless motor monitor video demonstration
    Data Sheet

    Transceiver Node Configuration

    Vibration+Temperature Modules:  The number of vibration/temperature modules (1-8) connected to the Vibration Transceiver Node can be selected on the vibration module page. Build your quote here:
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