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Worried about Water Damage? Introducing Our Wireless Flood Sensor

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A Forbes magazine article published in 2021 stated that “A study of 729,999 commercial and residential properties in the contiguous U.S. concluded that floods will cost businesses $26.8 billion in direct lost output and $23 billion in lost output due to downtime in 2022.” And this doesn’t include risks to civil structures such as tunnels or underpasses. Clearly, water damage, whether from burst pipes, leaks, or flooding, is a major concern. Because of this, Phase IV has developed a […]

The Top 5 Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

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We recently introduced our range of Leap Sensors for structural health monitoring (SHM) using the IoT. Structural health monitoring is the process of regularly checking infrastructures such as roads, bridges, buildings, tunnels, etc. for changes that may indicate deterioration or recent damage. Most of this is still done with physical inspections, but advances in wireless sensor technology now make it possible to install remote monitoring systems. With regular, consistent monitoring, it’s a lot […]

How Do Cellular IoT Sensors Work?

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Do you need to monitor something in a remote location? Or maybe need to just monitor a couple of things for a short amount of time? Or do you want to make installing some sensors as simple as possible? The Leap Sensor’s cellular IoT sensor transceiver node can be a great solution. […]

Leap Software Options – There’s More Than One Way to Connect to the IoT

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Henry Ford famously said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” If you look out over any parking lot now, though, you’ll see that this idea is long outdated. So why are most IoT sensor companies offering you only one choice when it comes to your software options? […]

Phase IV’s CAN Bus Technology Featured in Roads & Bridges Magazine


Our CEO Scott Dalgleish recently talked to Roads & Bridges about how our Leap Sensors system for structural health monitoring (SHM) are a game-changer. We’ve leveraged CAN bus technology to string multiple strain sensors along the length of beam. Read the article.

Ordering a Leap Sensors System is as Easy as Ordering a Burrito – Really!

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By Scott Dalgleish, CEO of Phase IV Engineering

Legend has it there are over 65,000 possible combinations off the Chipotle menu, but I’m sure on any given day most of us will order our usual. I know mine: chicken burrito, white rice, light on the black beans, pico, corn salsa, lettuce, cheese, and guacamole (yes, the extra cost is fine). In honor of National Burrito Day today (look it up!), I’d like to explain why ordering your […]

Why We Can’t Wait to Hire Destination Imagination Kids. (And what the heck is Destination Imagination, anyway?)

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By Scott Dalgleish, CEO of Phase IV Engineering

Picture hundreds of kids of all ages, from all over Colorado, descending on a downtown Denver college campus. And these kids may be wearing some crazy, creative costumes while moving elaborate props and backdrops in and out of different buildings. Along with the kids are their families, team managers, and other volunteers who help put this all together. This is the lively energy of a Destination Imagination (DI) affiliate tournament. Over this […]

How Differential Air Pressure Gauge Sensors Are Used in Manufacturing

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The aroma of coffee emanating from your local coffee shop entices you in the morning. But what if the aroma wasn’t from the Starbucks down the street, but from a roasting factory in your city? Along with that enticing aroma, the coffee roasting process, like any other industrial process, results in by-products that you don’t want to escape into the air.

Chaff is the papery-thin skin of the coffee bean which falls off the bean when it’s roasted. In an industrial […]

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