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Phase IV’s Involvement with Teaching Kids Vital Project Management Skills is Highlighted by the Project Management Institute


Phase IV is a sponsor and supporter of Destination Imagination – a global organization that teaches valuable skills in the area of: project management, innovation skills, teamwork, and technical skills.

See an interview with Phase IV’s CEO, Scott Dalgleish, about his involvement with Destination Imagination to teach kids critical project management skills in the Project Management Institute’s Education Foundation newsletter,  PM Philanthropist.  


Educators praise project-based learning for giving youth valuable skills in day-to-day life, as well as the career skills they need for success in tomorrow’s economy.

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Phase IV Wins Best New Product at 2016 RFID Journal Live – Runner-Up for Most Innovative Use of RFID

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Phase IV Engineering was honored at the RFID Journal Live trade show by winning Best New Product for its RFID Sensor Reader.  This reader is optimized to read RFID Sensors and has many patent-pending features to make integration of this reader with industrial machines fast and easy.

In addition, Phase IV’s client, Reichhold, won Most Innovative Use of RFID with the Micro-T data logger.

See the RFID Journal 2016 Awards Press Release.

RFID Journal Selects Phase IV Products as 2016 Finalists


Phase IV Engineering is proud to announce that we were honored twice by the RFID Journal in 2016.

New Product of the Year 2016 –

Phase IV’s Innovative Patent-Pending RFID Sensor Reader that is optimized for reading sensors and interfacing with a wide variety of machine and cloud interfaces.

Most Innovative RFID Product of the Year 2016 & Most Innovative Use of RFID Nomination –

The article below highlights Phase IV’s work with deploying the ultra-thin RFID temperature data logger. The RFID Journal also nominated the Micro-T Data Logger “Most Innovative Use of RFID” in 2016. Read the article below for details on how Reichhold helps a fiberglass pipe manufacturer improve production, saving time and money.

Reichhold worked with Phase IV Engineering to develop a solution that can pinpoint exactly when the snap cure of the resin occurs—as indicated by a temperature rise in the composites being cured. Phase IV’s RFID-enabled Micro-T Data Logger captures the temperature of pipes as they cure in the customer’s ovens. With that information, production managers can choose to either shut down portions of the oven farther down the line from where the resin curing takes place, in order to save energy, or speed up the line to use the full length of […]

Deming Institute Interview with Phase IV CEO Scott Dalgleish


Phase IV Engineering is proud to announce that our CEO, Scott Dalgleish, was featured on a Deming Institute podcast interview, where he talks about the Deming philosophy and innovation methods at Phase IV.

…Scott discusses how he leads a highly inventive engineering organization whose focus is on innovation and the advantage gained through the embrace of Deming’s continual improvement philosophy. Hear his fascinating approach to hiring employees without factoring in schooling and GPA, and a discussion between Tripp and Scott on the challenged presented by ISO 9000.

Listen to the full interview at

New Developments in Passive RFID Sensing – Energy Harvesting Circuits for Longer Range and Better Sensing

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UHF is the latest evolution in RFID technology offering longer read range and enabling new types of sensing applications.  As capable as UHF RFID is, passive sensing tags still must operate all of their circuitry by capturing RF energy transmitted from the reader.   As RFID systems add more sophisticated sensors, you can run into limitations as some sensors take more energy to operate and the accuracy of certain sensors is dependent on the stability and quality of input power.

One way the RFID sensing industry has addressed these limitations is with Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) sensors.   BAP sensors provide stability and quality input power to the sensing circuits, and allow the RF communication circuits to be more efficient, often doubling the effective read range over a passive RFID sense tag.  But there are still applications that will not accommodate a battery, so Phase IV has developed novel Energy Harvesting technology that brings many of the capabilities of a BAP sensor tag to a purely passive RFID tag.

Phase IV’s Energy Harvesting circuit captures and stores RF energy for the sensor circuit separately from the antenna circuit, effectively giving the sensor many of the advantages of a battery assist.   Our Energy Harvesting technology effectively […]

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