Subs, hoagies, grinders, heroes. Whatever you call them, what could be more ideal for a summer picnic? Everyone enjoys delicious cold cuts piled high on a bread roll. And we can take for granted that it will be safe to eat, thanks to regulations regarding proper cooking and cooling of meat and poultry during processing.

USDA regulations for commercial cooking of ready-to-eat (RTE) meat and poultry products require monitoring and recording of the internal temperature as the meat cooks. Then the monitored temperatures must also be recorded as the meat cools down and is refrigerated. These records need to be kept and available to show to USDA inspectors that all meat was cooked and stabilized properly. The specifics of these regulations can be found in the .

wireless temperature food probe

The Leap Sensors Wireless Meat Temperature Probe is our most popular solution. It integrates a rugged, rapid response probe with a thermocouple sensor into a sensor transceiver node. It includes an option for a second probe if you want to monitor two separate areas, or the processing of two pieces of meat at the same time. While the probe can withstand temperatures as high as 2560C (500F), the transceiver node electronics are rated to max 80C (175F), so it works best for monitoring the cooling and stabilizing of the meat after it’s removed from the oven.

The second option, the  Leap Sensors Wireless 9 RTD Temperature Sensor is a great option for more robust monitoring. This sensor is based on a high-temperature node that can reside in ovens up to 125 C (250 F) and accommodate up to 9 temperature probes. This sensor makes it possible to track  live data while the meat is in a slow-cooking oven and can stay with the meat as it is transferred to the cooling process. This Leap sensor allows the temperature to be recorded continuously throughout the entire cooking and cooling process, for the most comprehensive reporting. 

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Both sensors, like our entire Leap Sensors line, are quick and easy to install, making it simple to adhere to the FSIS USDA meat processing and temperature monitoring guidelines. Find out how our Leap Sensors can fit your specific needs by talking to one of our wireless sensor experts today.