Industrial Grade Wireless Torsional Strain Sensor, Full Bridge


Integrate almost any strain sensor into a Leap Sensors wireless transceiver node for structural health monitoring (SHM) on bridges, overpasses, support beams, and more. Easy to install on existing structures. Be up & running in just a few minutes.

Wireless Strain Demonstration and Tutorial

wireless strain sensor demonstration and tutorial

wireless strain sensor demonstration and tutorial


Contact us to find the best strain sensor configuration for your specific application.

Part of the breakthrough Leap Sensors® system.


Strain sensors are not included. Contact us and one of our experts can recommend strain gauges for your application.  We offer easy-to-install spot-weld-on strain sensors.  We also have a Micro Measurements battery-powered spot welder available for rent.

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Leap Sensors are specially designed to easily adapt to your specific needs. If this isn’t exactly what you need, please contact us.

Wireless Torsional Strain Sensor Specifications

  • The Leap wireless sensor electronics can be integrated with a wide range of strain sensors:
    • Using a full-bridge, the sensors measure torsional strain only.
    • Full bridge (standard for torsion-only measurement).
    • 120 ohm, 350 ohm, and 1000 ohm.
    • Gage factor (2.0) standard. Other gage factors also available.
    • Spot-weld-on (most common), foil, silicon, etc. Contact us for advice on applying strain gauges.
  • Most wireless strain sensors are tailored to specific needs. Contact us to integrate an application-specific strain sensor with the Leap Sensors wireless system.
  • Over-the-air wireless zeroing to compensate for installation residual strain.
  • Standard torsional strain sensor comes with one full-bridge (350 ohm) weld-on strain sensor with 10 foot cables.
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This wireless sensor is ideal for monitoring:

  • Structural Health Monitoring

Patents pending.

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