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  • The Pressurized Dew Point (PDP) wireless sensor monitors the dew point temperature inside compressed air lines. Because water condenses at a higher temperature when the air is pressurized, the sensor sends an alert when the temperature inside the air lines is nearing the dew point. This provides the plant maintenance team ample warning to take action to head off major equipment malfunctions and damage. This Leap sensor integrates the Michell Easidew EA2 Moisture Meter.     Part of the breakthrough Leap Sensors® system.   Build your quote here:
  • The Leap wireless refrigerator and freezer temperature sensor continuously monitors the internal temperature of your refrigerator or freezer. Set alerts via phone, text, or email to know about issues even if you're not on-site. Streamline auditing processes. Ideal for temperature-critical applications such as laboratories, medical facilities, vaccine storage, medicine storage. This refrigerator/freezer monitoring system is designed with key features that are only available in the Leap product line:
    • Single sensor and dual sensor (2 temperature and 2 door-open sensors) available.
    • Paper-thin cable maintains gasket seal integrity.
    • Easily replaceable NIST-traceable tip for simple calibration.
    • Industrial door-open sensor helps troubleshoot temperature alerts, as well as tracking each time the door is opened.  Sensor device node takes a reading and transmits every time the door is opened and closed.
    • Time that door is left open is reported - and alarms can be set on excessive door-open time.
    • Optional wall transformer powers the sensor and also alerts power outages. On-board battery backup assures sensor node operation during power outages.
    • Fast, simple installation with cold-proof foil stickers and adhesive-backed hook-and-loop.
    • Thermal mass bottle prevents false alarms from defrost cycles or when the door is opened.
    • Know for sure the sensor is connected & working with LED indicator light.
    Contact us to find the best combination of features for your facility.    

    Note: transceiver node configuration

    The transceiver node can be configured with one or two temperature sensors, replaceable calibrated temperature probes, zero to two door-open sensors, an optional thermal bottle, and battery power or wall power. Please specify the configuration that you need and we will send you a final quote to your exact specifications. Build your quote here:
  • The Leap wireless flood detection transceiver utilizes an orange-colored liquid sensing cable that can cover a large area.  If water contacts the cable, at any point along its length, the Leap wireless sensor will report that a liquid is present. The software can be configured to send text, email, and telephone alerts when water is detected. A configuration screen allows for entering saturation levels to report the level of wetness. Contact us with questions or to request a custom length of the water detecting cable.     Part of the breakthrough Leap Sensors® system.   Build your quote here:
  • Available Q2 2023

    This unique Leap wireless sensor can install in the threaded grease zerk hole in bearings.  Remove the grease zerk, install the sensor, then re-install the zerk back into the sensor. Grease guns may be used to continue grease the bearing using the zerk mounted on the Leap sensor. Mounting adapters also facilitate easy installation on any type of machine. Accelerometer readings (in all 3 axes) are taken at 5 KHz, then edge-processed into the top predictors of failures. Temperature and 3-axis vibration sensors are mounted in the stainless steel base. Send text, email, and phone alerts when temperature vibration limits are exceeded. Data integrates easily into PLCs or other plant monitoring software. Bulk accelerometer reading downloads are also available as an option.   Contact us to talk to an expert and find the best solution. Part of the breakthrough Leap Sensors® system.   Build your quote here:
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