Industrial Grade Production Counter Sensor with Manufacturing Downtime Monitoring – Wireless


Track production counts, downtime events, OEE, stop counts, total downtime, and line rate using just a wireless photo eye sensor and our proprietary edge node logic. Works as a conveyor belt stop sensor, while also tracking 10 manufacturing KPIs.

This groundbreaking product counter sensor doesn’t just counts products as they come off the line.  With edge computing, the sensor also calculates the time between each product’s pass to identify when downtime occurs and its duration. It can then trigger text, email, and telephone alerts when the downtime exceeds certain user-set limits. A count-reset button on top of the enclosure resets the count at the end of a shift.

In addition, the system tracks line rate, total downtime and uptime along with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) since the last count reset. The current state of the line, up or down, is also displayed.

The sensor transceiver node wirelessly transmits the data across the production floor to a gateway, which collects the data and passes it to the Leap SensorManager user software, PLC, or other plant monitoring software. Quickly download data to an Excel spreadsheet to analyze downtime.



Photo eye or proximity sensors are configured to each application. Add approximately $175.

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Production Counter with Manufacturing Downtime Monitoring Specifications

Using photo eyes or proximity sensors, this wireless sensor counts and timestamps items as they pass by on a conveyor, using the time intervals to monitor downtime. A reset button on the top of the sensor resets the counter to zero. Set custom email, text, and telephone alerts for both the production counter and the downtime timer.

  • Product counter sensor/conveyor sensor
    • Counter increments as each item passes by the sensor.
    • Easy to reset using the count-reset button on the top of the enclosure.
    • Configurable de-bounce setting to allow adjustment for products that cause photo eyes to flicker, avoiding multiple counts of single products.
  • Manufacturing downtime tracking
    • Once the sensor fails to register a product after a user-defined amount of time, it starts tracking downtime until another product passes.
    • As long as products are seen within the time frame that is less than the defined downtime period, the line is considered to be up and running and uptime is tracked.
    • Timestamps and production count are recorded with the downtime records.
  • Stop counts
    • Each time a production stop is identified, the stop count increases. The reset button will reset both the stop count and the production count.
  • Total uptime and downtime
    • While the sensor tracks the time of each individual stop and production run, it also tracks total uptime and downtime since the last time the count was reset. A running total is always available.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    • For organizations focused on OEE, this sensor calculates OEE, based on uptime as a percentage of total time since the last count reset.
  • Production rate
    • The sensor calculates line rate in two ways: 1) As a measure when the line is running, and 2) Overall line rate including both uptime and downtime. Users can select to have this calculation be over recent time periods or since the last time the count was reset.
  • Fast and easy installation
    • Mount proximity sensors and connect the cables to the Leap Sensor enclosure.
    • Plug the wall transformer into a wall outlet to power the proximity sensors.
    • Wireless transmission of data to the gateway – transmission range of several hundred feet, depending on factory conditions.
    • The data may be displayed with the SensorManager software or may be passed from the gateway to a PLC or other plant software.

To learn more about measuring and improving downtime, see the web site.

Typical Industrial Wireless Sensor Applications

This wireless sensor is ideal for monitoring:

  • Manufacturing production counts.
  • Real-time production line downtime alerts.
  • Downtime recording with time of downtime and duration.

Patents pending.

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