The holiday season is upon us! Here’s our ultimate holiday gift guide with ideas for what our customers tell us they really want to make their work lives a little easier in 2024.

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For the plant reliability engineer who is tired of excessive downtime

A downtime monitoring sensor is just what a manufacturing operations manager or reliability engineer needs to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on a production line. First, the sensor will send an alert as soon as a line is down, keeping wasted–and expensive–downtime to a minimum. This includes an unexpected power outage, malfunctioning equipment, or human error. Then, it provides detailed reports on when downtime occurred and how long it took, so they can plan corrective action to prevent future outages.

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For the overworked maintenance manager who dreads the next breakdown of legacy equipment

The wireless design of the motor monitor sensor makes it easy to retrofit onto critical equipment. By monitoring the 3 key indicators of likely failure–temperature, vibration, and electrical current–this sensor gives a maintenance manager plenty of time to plan replacements or repairs.

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For the pharmacist who wants to stop worrying about samples and products going bad (and their next audit)

One of the biggest concerns of pharmacists and lab managers is ensuring their samples, medicines, vaccines etc. are stored at the proper temperature, as well as keeping track of these temperatures for CDC and FDA compliance. Our line of sensors for medical refrigerators and freezers are practical and cost-effective, with the key features busy medical staffers need.

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 For the shift supervisor who spent last Saturday cleaning up a flood after a cold snap

With winter cold comes the risk of frozen, burst pipes. A wireless flood sensor sends an alert via text, email, or phone call as soon as it detects a small amount of water – before major damage occurs. It’s a great way to protect valuable assets and avoid costly repairs. The supervisor can then make a quick check of the problem, and be back by the fireplace in no time.


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For the cleanroom engineer who wants to keep the cleanroom, well, clean

Maintaining a difference in air pressure between inside and outside a cleanroom is critical for keeping contaminants out. A differential air pressure sensor that is finely calibrated to measure those subtle differences makes it easy to monitor the airflow of a contained environment. With instant alerts, an engineer can bring the air pressure back into balance before it becomes a critical problem. Even better, wireless technology gets the system up and running in about 5 minutes.

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 For the civil engineer who hates driving 3 hours to monitor a bridge

This sensor system takes advantage of three breakthroughs in wireless sensing. First, CAN bus technology makes it possible to “daisy chain” up to 32 strain sensors to measure spans of up to 600 feet on one transceiver node (and more nodes can be used for longer spans). Second, edge computing at the sensor level converts the data into small, reliably transmissible data packets. Third, the sensors can transmit via cellular networks, so they’re ideal for remote locations. Just like that, receive convenient, reliable, and easily trackable structural health data about a bridge, overpass, wind turbine, etc.

This year, we hope that wireless sensors will make everyone’s holiday wish list, because there is a wireless Leap sensor for every occasion this holiday season. Check out our entire wireless Leap Sensors system line, or talk to one of our experts about which sensor would make the perfect gift for your specific application.