Imagine having a tool that not only tracks production in real time but also provides invaluable insights into downtime events, stop counts, production rates, line rates and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Meet the Leap Production Counter & Manufacturing Downtime Sensor – a game-changer for anyone involved in manufacturing operations.

This is not your average digital production counter. It goes beyond mere counting by offering real-time data sets that track both production and downtime, ultimately leading to improved efficiency in manufacturing processes.

We start with a simple count eye and use edge logic in our sensor electronics to detect downtime events, calculate rate and OEE, and keep running totals of uptime and downtime.  Data is time-stamped and saved for future reference, and all current values are readily available for viewing by users at any time.

Empowering Data Analysis

The real power of the Production Counter & Manufacturing Downtime sensor lies in its ability to empower data-driven decision making. With easy data downloads, you can analyze production data in Excel or create detailed reports tailored to your preferences. Look back through the data to see when each downtime event occurred and how long it took to get back up and running. From setting alerts for downtime to monitoring live data changes, our sensors put you in control.  View the built-in charts that show production trends, uptime and downtime durations, and more.

wireless downtime monitor and wireless production counter

Unlocking Insights with Stop Counts

Every production stop is time-stamped and tracked with this sensor, allowing you to identify areas for production efficiency improvement. The stop count feature provides valuable insights into minor stoppages, which often add up to large amounts of downtime, so you can take proactive measures to minimize disruptions. Stops often tie directly to the amount of effort required by operators, so focusing the organization on reducing the number of stops often leads to higher levels of productivity.

Maximizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

As many organizations prioritize OEE, the manufacturing downtime sensor takes it a step further by calculating OEE based on uptime as a percentage of total time since the last count reset. Having updated OEE calculations available throughout the production shift makes it easy to tell how well the equipment is performing.

Enhancing Production Rate Measurement

This sensor doesn’t just measure production rate; it provides a comprehensive analysis of line rate during uptime and during total time.  So you can see how fast the line is producing when it is running, and also see what the average rate is when downtime is included. It gives you the flexibility to customize calculations based on recent time periods or since the last count reset for flexibility in performance monitoring. You may want to be able to see when rates are drifting up or down, or it may be more important to see the average for the whole day. Either way, the choice is up to you.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

One of the standout features of the Production Counter sensor is its versatility. We offer various sensor options, including photo eyes and proximity sensors, to suit your specific product and environment to provide accurate data collection.

Fine-tuning for Optimal Performance

Simplicity meets sophistication with our configurable settings. We understand that every product presents unique challenges, which is why we provide configuration settings for fine-tuning sensitivity. With adjustable debounce settings, you can eliminate flickering and ensure accurate counts even for the most challenging products.  

Define downtime based on how your production operation works in your configuration. Enter the amount of time after counting a product until the line is considered down, and our edge logic will know when to consider the line down, add to the stop count, and start timing downtime. 

Customizable Transmission Modes

With three transmit modes to choose from, the manufacturing downtime sensor caters to different operational needs. Whether you prefer transmitting based on intervals, events, or stops/starts, our sensor ensures seamless data transmission. Not sure what is right for you?  Just ask and we’ll help you decide.

With all of these advancements, the Leap Production Counter & Manufacturing Downtime Sensor is much more than a sensor – it’s a catalyst for transformation in your manufacturing operations. From accurate data collection to actionable insights, this sensor empowers your organization to optimize efficiency, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

Ready to revolutionize your manufacturing processes? Contact us today to learn more about the Production Counter & Manufacturing Downtime Sensor and how it can elevate your operations beyond expectations.