While our Leap Sensors system includes a wide range of sensor options, there may be times when you have a specific monitoring need. This is why Phase IV has made it easy to integrate almost any off-the-shelf sensor with the common 4-20 mA or 10-volt inputs into a Leap wireless transceiver node. The long-life battery in the transceiver node then powers the sensor, making it truly wireless. Watch our demo video to learn more:

Convert Most Commercially Available Analog Sensors

You can convert almost any analog sensor, including:

  • Electrical current
  • Flow
  • Fluid level
  • Pressure
  • Proximity
  • Temperature
  • Tilt
  • And more

Simply connect the sensor to the transceiver node via an M8 IP66 connection. Or, if you would prefer, it can be connected internally via terminal blocks (instructions included in the user manual.) Either way, the Leap System is simple to install, taking about 5 minutes. No more inconvenient & expensive wired installation.

Easy to Monitor Critical Processes

Get all the advantages of a wireless Leap Sensors system:

  • Transmission via the Leap gateway to monitoring software (either ours or yours)
  • Continuous, remote monitoring of critical machinery & processes
  • Customized transmission intervals & alerts
  • Real-time data information
  • The ability to download data for tracking, auditing, and analysis

Leap’s multi-sensor transceiver nodes mean you can combine custom monitoring with our standard motor sensor, vibration sensor, thermocouple sensors, and more. With a huge number of standard industrial sensors available, it’s easy to get exactly the system that works for your specific needs. See all of your options, and talk to one of our wireless sensor experts to learn more.