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About  Wireless, Battery-Free Strain Gauges (Strain Gages) battery free RFID sensor strain

The Latest Advance in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

UHF RFID Passive Wireless Strain Gauge Demo Video

Chapters in this Video – Click in the video to move through the chapters

  • Strain Sensor Tutorial
  • RFID Strain Gauge Theory of Operation (1:20)
  • Demonstration: Reading Strain and Temperature (3:23)
  • On-Site Zero-Offset Calibration Demonstration (6:25)
  • New High-Value Combination of RFID and Strain Sensing (7:49)
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About UHF RFID Battery-Free & Wireless Strain Gauges

  • RFID strain gauge sensors need no wires or batteries = no maintenance and long life.
  • Can be read through materials that typically cover structural components, with read range up to several meters on a metal-mount sensor – ideal for smart bridge applications and Structural Health Monitoring.
  • Strain resolution better than 15 u-strain using a standard +/-1000 u-strain sensor.
  • Sensors can be installed & calibrated on-site.
  • Use on-board temperature sensor for strain gauge temperature compensation, if needed.
  • Data-logging capability – track and compare for predictive maintenance.
  • Each wireless strain gauge sensor has a unique ID# so that many sensors can be read by one reader at the same time.
  • Patents pending.
  • Quickly & easily monitor with a standard RFID reader – standard RFID protocol.
  • More details on our Data Sheet


LEARN MORE – See North Gate Tunnel Strain Sensor Project – VIDEO, Journal Article, & PowerPoint

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wireless passive RFID strain gauge

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  • Active (battery-powered) strain gauges (strain gages) transmit hundreds of feet. Ultra-long-life batteries make them Practically Battery Free™.
  • Battery-Assisted strain data loggers store strain readings over time. Communication with the sensor is done with an RFID reader.
  • Energy harvesting strain sensors using solar cells provide long-range sensor transmissions with no battery to maintain.