Frequently Asked Questions about Proximity

There is a push-button on the node enclosure that will zero the count.

The electro-optic sensors that detect the boxes require wall power to “watch” all the time.  The data from the device node is transmitted wirelessly to the gateway.

Yes.  The production counter takes a time reading between each box that goes by.  You can set telephone, text, and email alerts if the time between the boxes exceeds a certain amount of time.  You can set that downtime alarm limit in the software configuration screen.  You can have the message set to anyone.

Common Applications for Proximity

  • Wireless production counter
  • Wireless downtime monitor
  • Wireless downtime alert system
  • Line rate sensor wireless
  • Line counter wireless sensor
  • Downtime alert system
  • Wireless sensor for downtime
  • Wireless sensor for production count
  • Wireless pulse counter