Phase IV Engineering is proud to announce that we were honored twice by the RFID Journal in 2016.

New Product of the Year 2016 –

Phase IV’s Innovative Patent-Pending RFID Sensor Reader that is optimized for reading sensors and interfacing with a wide variety of machine and cloud interfaces.

Most Innovative RFID Product of the Year 2016 & Most Innovative Use of RFID Nomination –

The article below highlights Phase IV’s work with deploying the ultra-thin RFID temperature data logger. The RFID Journal also nominated the Micro-T Data Logger “Most Innovative Use of RFID” in 2016. Read the article below for details on how Reichhold helps a fiberglass pipe manufacturer improve production, saving time and money.

Reichhold worked with Phase IV Engineering to develop a solution that can pinpoint exactly when the snap cure of the resin occurs—as indicated by a temperature rise in the composites being cured. Phase IV’s RFID-enabled Micro-T Data Logger captures the temperature of pipes as they cure in the customer’s ovens. With that information, production managers can choose to either shut down portions of the oven farther down the line from where the resin curing takes place, in order to save energy, or speed up the line to use the full length of the oven in less time. Betts and his team are working with the customer to fine-tune the manufacturing process.

“For the first time ever, the Micro-T has enabled the engineers that are trying to dial in these fiberglass processes to get very, very accurate temperature readings of the fiberglass assembly while it’s curing,” says Scott Dalgleish, Phase IV Engineering’s CEO. That enables the pipe manufacturer to save time and energy during the production process.

Resin Supplier Uses RFID to Perfect the Curing Process – RFID Journal, February 28th, 2016.