Leap Wireless Sensors Enclosure Mounting Options

1) Mounting Feet Kit

The mounting feet kit may be installed either horizontally or vertically.

2) Magnetic Mount

Magnetic mounts work well for quick installations and when the mating surface is steel.  They may be used with Device enclosures and vibration sensor mounting.

The kit comes with washers that may be epoxy-glued to the surface to improve magnetic adhesion*.  Epoxy and vibration resistant nylon-patched screws and vibration resistant nuts also come with the kit.

The Alnico magnets are 1.5 inches diameter and have a maximum pull force of 28 lbs each*.  Maximum temperature of 420°F.  An iron case concentrates and focuses the magnetic field. It also protects the magnetic material. Alnico magnets aren’t as strong as rare earth magnets, but they withstand higher temperatures.

*Maximum pull ratings are based on direct contact with rust-free and unpainted iron plate. Variations in material condition will significantly reduce these ratings.

3) Hook and Loop Mounting with Adhesive Disks for Cables

The hook and loop mounting kit is popular with the refrigerator sensor.  It includes special extra-strong adhesive on the back so that it sticks where others won’t. Use it on most metals, plastics and painted surfaces. The rubber adhesive also sticks to hard-to-bond plastic.

Aluminum adhesive disks work in a temperature range of -30°F to 325°F and are ideal for mounting cables to refrigerators.

Kit comes with wipes to properly clean surfaces before applying the adhesive backed sicker.

Hook and loop is not recommended for high vibration enviroments.

4) Mounting Enclosure with Screws

With the lid open, #8 screws may be installed through the enclosure.