Recent Client Videos of Phase IV Engineering Wireless Sensor Solutions


Phase IV’s partnership with IBM and Deloitte Digital Solve Equipment Monitoring Challenge for Head Rush Technologies.

Phase IV Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Sensors are Featured in Beautiful Video of New 8X Jet Final Flight Test

The video features Phase IV Sensors that are used for extensive cabin comfort quality assurance.

The Phase IV WSN sensors are shown at the 1:07 mark in the video.

Phase IV Battery-Free RFID Sensors are Featured in Crane Aerospace’s SmartStem System

Phase IV and Crane Aerospace & Electronics (CAE) have worked together to develop a battery-free passive RFID wireless sensing device, the SensIC™. Crane Aerospace has integrated this device into their SmartStem® product. SmartStem is a wireless pressure and temperature sensor built into an airplane tire’s inflation stem that makes the daily tire pressure check quick, easy, accurate, and automatically documented. The SmartStem® flies as standard equipment on every Boeing 777 and 787.

RFID-Journal-Article  Featured in RFID Journal.