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Now Hiring:  Firmware Engineer – Wireless Sensor Systems

Phase IV is seeking a Firmware Engineer


Brief description of Phase IV Technology

Phase IV develops and manufactures wireless sensor systems based on passive and active radio frequency identification technology.   Phase IV product development activities include the following:

  • General analog and digital design
  • Radio frequency design over the spectrum of 125kHz to 2.5GHz
  • Embedded microcontrollers
  • Software development
  • Sensors, sensor interfacing and calibration
  • Extremely low power designs

Firmware Position Opening

Phase IV Engineering is growing and we are looking to add team members to our small group of highly-talented professionals. We are looking for engineering professionals that are (or want to be) leaders in their field and have a strong desire to join a small, non-bureaucratic company where your contributions make a daily impact on our company, and the satisfaction of our clients.
Companies from all around the world come to Phase IV for their wireless sensor designs — because we are the world’s leader in wireless sensor innovation. Maintaining our leadership position requires a talented and dedicated team that can effectively design and produce wireless sensors using the latest technology in fast-moving projects. Big company bureaucracy just isn’t an option for us to maintain our leadership position in this fast-paced, emerging market. You will spend your day working on innovative designs and coordinating with other engineers on the team — not in meetings. Our project managers play a “bridge role” between our clients and our engineering team to define “do-able” innovative sensors — then pass the clearly-defined customer requirements to the engineering team to develop. Our engineering teams typically must utilize state of the art components or patent-able approaches to meet the requirements. The environment is truly challenging, can require extra effort, and is very very rewarding (for the right type of person). If you want to trade the security and slow-moving-comfort of a big company for fast-moving, high-innovation environment where you see your contributions become industry-leading designs on a daily basis — please contact us.
Our hiring process is non-bureaucratic too. We have several openings and we know that it is likely that the right person may not fit perfectly into the job description “box” that we define. Take a look at what we are looking for and let us know how you could help. Let us know why Phase IV is the right fit for you and for us. We understand that the right type of person will have a strong desire and drive to “fill in the knowledge gaps” to make the jump to industry. We are open-minded and we will consider all levels of experience from “I’ve done that may times before” to “I will make a major extra effort to learn the new skills I need to quickly become effective”.
Target Requirements:
• Design experience with ST Micro processors, PIC processors, or similar technology.
• Experience with low-power designs.
• Experience with low-power radio frequency (RF) designs.
• Experience with RFID readers and tags.
• Experience with RF protocols.
• New project time/cost estimations.
• Experience that extends outside of firmware to also include some work with hardware and software.
• Firmware engineering management experience (a plus).
Please send a resume and cover letter to apply to this position.

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