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Ideal for reading through liquids or solid materials – including composites such as carbon fiber

See “The Fantastic Voyage of a Temperature Probe” in Food Engineering featuring a partnership between

Phase IV and Campbell’s Soup  to develop the world’s smallest wireless temperature sensor. 


LF RFID Wireless Temperature Sensor Transmitting through Carbon Fiber Demo Video

About the “SensIC” Low Frequency (LF) Passive RFID Wireless Sensor

No batteries means low maintenance and long life, bringing sensor technology to previously impossible applications.
(-58°F to 340°F) Ideal for harsh environments.
Use for a MEMS pressure sensor (or other capacitive output sensor) to easily monitor multiple data.
Short read ranges can be useful in certain applications. Panel readers extend read ranges to a few feet.
Senors installed in tire valves track tire pressure and temperature.
Sensor operates with magnetically coupled antennas, which can be very small.
Operates at a low frequency of 134 KHz which can transmit through many difficult materials, including composites such as carbon fiber.


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 Examples of  Low Frequency (LF) Passive RFID Wireless Sensors

Embedded Carbon Fiber Sensor (Temperature, Vacuum, Pressure)

LF RFID Passive Wireless sensor transmits through compostie material

LF RFID sensors can be so small that they can fit in the honeycomb cells of a composite structure. Since they are battery-free, they can operate for decades. The low-frequency magnetic waves travel right through the carbon fiber so the embedded sensor can be read. Watch our Demo Video & Learn More.

Rugged Battery-Free Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS)


Phase IV designed the LF RFID sensor ASIC with Crane Aerospace for use in the extremely harsh environment of aircraft wheels. See more information on the Aerospace Solutions & Demos page.

Featured in  RFID Journal.

Cow Bolus – Dairy Cow Health Fever Monitoring System

RFID bolus monitors a dairy cows temperature

Our unique battery-free RFID cow temperature bolus tracks a cow’s temperature for early detection of fever. The low frequency magnetic waves travel through the cow’s tissue with very little effect on the radio waves. See more information on our Animal Health & Identification page and our data sheet.


The World’s Smallest Wireless Temperature Sensor (Using LF RFID)

Ideal for monitoring the internal temperature of small objects. The small mass of the sensor has minimal effect on the heating of the object being monitored.

More details on our data sheet.




A giant leap forward

Just released!

"Practically battery-free"


Long-range transmission

Data logging options