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UHF RFID Wireless Temperature Data Logger Demo Video

About UHF EPC RFID Wireless Data Loggers

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. See examples below.
  • Custom Metal Mount data loggers available with specially designed “mount on metal” sensor antennas.
  • “Tethered temperature sensors” allow the measurement of extreme temperatures.
  • Long read ranges up to 15 feet.
  • Read with several standard RFID readers such as ThingMagic and Intermec EPC readers.
  • Data logger transmits a unique ID with each sensor reading.

See details and specifications on the data sheet.

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Examples of UHF RFID Temperature Data Loggers

Credit Card Format RFID Wireless Temperature Sensor & Data Logger

UHF RFID Data Logger - long read range


Our standard format – a credit card sized UHF RFID temperature sensor and data logger.

Dual-Tethered High Temperature RFID Wireless Data Logger

dual-tethered high temperature UHF RFID data logger


Tethered temperature sensors can be used to measure temperature extremes.

Multi-Sensor UHF RFID Wireless Data Logger

UHF RFID Data Logger with thermocouple, liquid level, 3-axis accelerometer,


This extremely versatile data logger can be configured to measure and store time-stamped data from a variety of sensors – for example, thermocouple, capacitive liquid level, and 3-axis accelerometer. Let us customize this sensor to your unique data logging requirements.