Wireless Sensor Technologies Used by Phase IV

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Phase IV is the only wireless sensor company that offers products, custom design services, and expert help with every wireless technology. We’ve built 20+ year relationships with our partners by offering them the latest cutting-edge wireless option for each sensing need. We can help you, too.

Introducing the Breakthrough Leap Sensor® System!

A streamlined approach to sensors. • Designed specifically for industrial & commercial use.

Wireless sensor with industrial metal enclosure and external antenna

Get an overview of the different wireless sensor technology options and their advantages and disadvantages.

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25+ Years on the Leading Edge of Wireless Sensor Solutions

Our engineers have a combined 100+ years in wireless sensor design. We can manage your complex engineering projects.
Many Fortune 100 companies trust us to do their complex wireless sensor R&D.  From fast prototyping & proof-of-concept to a final product that meets your objectives, we can apply our knowledge to arrive at effective solutions to your sensing problems.
RFID, Passive, Active, BAP….Confused? We’re not – we’ve worked with all types of sensors & can guide you to the best solution for your application. If it’s not available off-the-shelf, we can design a custom sensor that will meet your needs.
You will be amazed how quickly we can provide innovative wireless sensor prototype “proof of concept” systems.  When the time is right, we can roll your product into the appropriate level of our manufacturing and quality system – all the way up to our FAA approved quality system.
Why not go with the seasoned experts when developing a wireless sensor system?  Phase IV (confidentially) innovates for many large corporations to provide them leading-edge wireless sensing systems.
We now offer a wide variety of ready-to-deploy wireless sensors. Whether it’s a demo kit to test a solution, or a wireless sensor network that’s reliable and easy-to-use, you can now easily get started. Click here