Thin Micro T Data Logger Video Demo

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      • 0:05 Introduction
      • 0:40 How the thin Micro T data logger works
      • 1:35 The Micro T’s ability to operate at high temperatures
      • 2:35 The unique size of the Micro T
      • 3:40 Demonstration on embedding the Micro T data logger
      • 4:25 The Micro T software is really easy to use
      • 5:55 Embedding the Micro T to a fiberglass structure

RFID Resin

About Wireless Sensor Networks for the Revolutionary Thin Micro T Data Logger

  • Douglass Betts, a chemist at Reichhold, was looking for a wireless solution where he could get an unobtrusive temperature sensor inside materials as they were curing in the oven. “Just searching on the Internet,” he says, “I came across Phase IV and their whole lineup of wireless technologies for temperature sensing.” Among those offerings was the Micro-T Data Logger.
  • Phase IV Engineering and Reichhold worked together to develop a solution that can exactly determine when the snap cure of the resin occurs as specified by a temperature rise in the composites being cured.
  • Phase IV’s RFID-enabled Micro-T Data Logger has the capability to capture the temperature of pipes as they cure in the customer’s ovens.
  • “For the first time ever, the Micro-T has enabled the engineers that are trying to dial in these fiberglass processes to get very, very accurate temperature readings of the fiberglass assembly while it’s curing,” says Scott Dalgleish, Phase IV Engineering’s CEO.
  • Betts says, “We can analyze the data right there, it shows you the graph time versus temperature and we can say, ‘Oh look, at ten minutes into the oven, that’s where we see our exotherm; that’s where we’ve cured.'”
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