Moisture and Temperature Sensor, Embedded Road Bed, Battery Free Passive , Wireless RFID UHF EPC

This road bed moisture sensor was developed for our partner, Bridge Preservation, to monitor bridge decks for moisture ingress.  The sensor antenna is designed to be mounted on a bridge deck or on top of a 6×6 inch grid of rebar.  A UHF EPC RFID reader can read this battery-free sensor through several inches of asphalt or concrete – even when wet.  The sensor reports a “Wet” or “Dry” reading, along with the temperature.

This sensor can be adapted for many other types of battery-free wireless embedded road bed sensing.

Contact us or Bridge Preservation for more information on this unique battery-free (passive) moisture sensor that is ideal for structural health monitoring (SHM).


Battery-Free Passive Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Wireless RFID Moisture Sensor that is read with a standard UHF EPC ThingMagic RFID reader.


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