Pressure and Temperature Sensor, Metal & Non-Metal Mount, Long-Range RFID Passive UHF EPC Wireless Sensor

See the detailed product description below.  

This sensor is our most advanced battery-free passive RFID sensor.  The sensor has an innovative energy harvesting circuit that extends its read distance and improves the sensor accuracy.  Despite its small size, this sensor can be read from over 10 feet away.

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We specialize in custom sensors.  If this isn’t exactly what you need, please contact us.

These sensors are custom-made, typically in lots of 100 or more.  Please contact us for a quote on a custom version of this senosr.


We specialize in custom sensors.  If this isn’t exactly what you need, please contact us.

See the specification below…

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Starter Kit
to give battery-free wireless sensing a try.  It includes a ThingMagic Vega RFID desktop reader, RFID reader antenna, 3 UHF EPC RFID sensors (of your choice), and easy-to-use demonstration software for your Windows PC – all at a 30% discount.


Pressure Sensor

  • Available in pressure ranges up to 14.5, 101.5, 174, 1015.3 PSIA.

Temperature Sensor:

  • Temperature Sensing Capability of Electronics*:  -20 °C to 125 °C  (-5 °F to +230 °F).
  • *Standard ABS enclosure limits the upper temperature range to  80 °C (175°F).


  • Standard plastic enclosure:  Black ABS Plastic.
  • Enclosure Size (not including mounting tabs):  1.4 x 1.4 x 0.8 inches (35 x 35 x 20 mm) 
  • Contact us for different enclosure options.


  • Unique ID number is transmitted with sensor data.
  • Battery-Free passive RFID.
  • UHF EPC RFID protocol.  May be read by standard ThingMagic or Intermec readers.  Demonstration software is written for the ThingMagic Vega reader.
  • Tag has integrated RFID antenna suitable for metal-mount and non-metal-mounted sensing.

Read Range:

  • Aproximately 10 read range in optimum orientation with 4 watt EIRP from RFID reader.


  • Survival Temperature: -40°C to +150°C.