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RFID Wireless Data Logger Demo Video

About RFID Wireless Data Loggers

We offer several data loggers with a wireless interface:

  • HF and NFC Data Loggers – Phase IV’s Micro-T – the latest in RFID data loggers that are miniature, high temperature, high pressure, and low density.

  • UHF EPC RFID Data loggers that offer long wireless read ranges and the use of common UHF EPC RFID readers.
  • Active Transmitter Data Loggers – including Phase IV’s retort canning rotation and temperature data logger.  Contact us for more information.

Learn more about the advantages & disadvantages of the different technologies below.

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Featured Product: the Micro-T RFID Temperature & Pressure Data Logger  icon-wireless-40-pix icon-battery-free-40-pix

As seen in the demo video above.

  • World’s smallest data logger – RFID interface eliminates bulky batteries.
  • FDA-Approved plastic enclosure – ideal for use in food processing.
  • NFC interface (coming soon) – transmit data to a smart phone.
  • High pressure & high temperature tolerant.

See the Micro-T Data Sheet for details & specifications.

Micro T Miniature RFID Wireless Temperature Pressure Data Logger

about the Micro-T RFID temperature & pressure data logger

The Micro-T RFID Data Logger is available in our store. Get our Starter Kit for 20% off.

RFID Battery Powered Data Logger Technology – Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of RFID Data Loggers

For example, metal containers or cans. Ideal for measuring temperature in food processing environments.
Sometimes power, receivers, or computer connections are not always available.
For example, the small size & density of Our Micro-T data logger is similar to of a typical food morsel.
For example, shipping temperature-sensitive medicine or fresh produce to destinations that are hundreds of miles away.

Disadvantages of RFID Data Loggers

If there is a problem with a sensor reading, it will not be seen until the data is downloaded, sometimes days or weeks after a sensor threshold is exceeded.
It also needs to be controlled by computer settings (start, stop, set sampling interval, etc.)
Since the battery is sealed inside the enclosure, there is no way to change it out.
The sensors must be read one at a time by a dedicated person using a computer.
RFID interface means a weaker signal resulting in a maximum transmission range of approximately 3 feet (1 meter).