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More About Battery-Powered Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) icon-battery-40-pix

Practical & Off-the-Shelf Wireless Sensor Networks

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Looking for a simple & affordable, yet highly effective, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)?

  • Up and running in less than 10 minutes.
  • Low-cost. Starter kits available from $800.
  • Web based. Access the system from your smart phone or PC.  Joining the Internet of Things (IoT) couldn’t be easier!
  • No IT department involvement needed. Software runs on a web site. We offer a cellular gateway option so you never connect to your company network.
  • Easy to configure. You will be genuinely surprised how fast and intuitive the system is to set-up.
  • A wide variety of sensors available off-the-shelf and ready to use.
  • Analyzing the data is easy. Real-time graphs. Data easily downloads to spreadsheets.

Ready to buy? See the WSN Starter Kit page. We’ll guide you through the different options and assure that you get everything you need… starting at under $800!

Need More Information? See the following:

  • Get started with an overview of the different system components available with the Phase IV Wireless Sensor Network.
  • For more in-depth information, see the WSN section of our store to see all available sensors and options.
  • See our Custom Products  for other Phase IV battery-powered sensor systems available for custom applications.


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Advantages & Disadvantages of  Phase IV’s Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Advantages of  Phase IV’s Wireless Sensor Network

  • Easy, inexpensive, low-risk first step. Have a complete WSN system up and running in less than 10 minutes for less than $1,000.
  • Very High ROI.  One sensor alert can pay for the price of the system – 10 times over.
  • Smartphone alerts for instant notification of a problem.
  • Access your sensor system anywhere with your password and any internet connected device (PC, smartphone, tablet…)
  • No need to involve your IT manager or the company network with the cellular gateway.
  • Rugged metal enclosures protect the sensor electronics and battery from damage.
  • Leading-edge ultra-long-life industrial batteries from Tadiran give our sensors a longer life than any other similar wireless sensor.
  • Won’t interfere with your local WiFi network.  Our sensors transmit in the 915 MHz band, not the 2.4 GHz band with WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • “Practically battery-free™” and maintenance-free sensors.  Many with 8+ year battery lives.
  • Work with an established company with 22 years as the leader in wireless sensing.

Advantages in Industrial Settings:

  • Sensors connect to standard 4-20 ma or 0-1.25V output industrial senors. Unlike other industrial wireless sensors, in most cases, our sensors requires no external power for the transducer.
  • Simple solution to monitor downtime or runtime with our vibration-based runtime timer.
  • We offer a wide breadth of vibration sensors that are ideal for continuous equipment health monitoring.

Disadvantages of Phase IV’s Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Sampling interval cannot be less than 1 minute with  (Standard minimal interval is 10 minutes).  Sensors using the PC User Interface can transmit up to every 15 seconds.
  • Maximum transmission distance of 300 feet (although we offer repeaters to extend this range).
  • Not to be used in a safety application.  (Use a wired sensor!)
  • If it is critical that you never miss a data transmission, then the Phase IV system is not a good fit.   Our WSN system focuses on simplicity and ease of use.  Other highly complex and expensive systems are a better fit if never missing a single data transmission is a requirement.
  • Not meant to be used with a PLC.  The Phase IV system is focused on web-based monitoring – not machine control.  We also focus on making the data highly accessible by logging into our interface.

Does one of these “disadvantages” cause a problem for your application?  Then contact us and we will work with you to find the simplest solution.  We often customize our WSN sensors.  We also have other wireless sensor systems that we can adapt for your unique requirements.  

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  Get an overview of the different system components available with the Phase IV Wireless Sensor Network.