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UHF RFID Passive Pressure Sensor - miniature

About UHF RFID Passive Wireless Pressure Sensors

  • Small form factor – ideal for tight spaces or moving applications.
  • Read range with a 6” square metal mounting surface: 9’ with 20 second rep rate. 10’ with 30 second rep rate.
  • Read range free air: 7.5’ with 20 second rep rate.
  • Available pressure ranges: 14.5 PSIA up to 1015 PSIA.
  • Also includes a temperature sensor, range: -20°F to +248°F (-29°C to +120°C).
  • Standard UHF EPC RFID technology – compatible with fixed and handheld readers from Intermec, Thing Magic and other major RFID readers manufacturers.
  • Wireless communication allows for multiple embedded installation options: metal mount, inside walls, under concrete.
  • Battery-free sensor allows for long life with no required maintenance.
  • Highly customizable sensor for specific environments.
  • More details on our data sheet.

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