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Long-Range UHF RFID Temperature Sensor Demo Video

About Temperature & Specialty UHF RFID Sensors

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. See examples below.
  • Metal Mount tags available with specially designed “mount on metal” sensor antennas.
  • “Tethered temperature sensors” allow the measurement of extreme temperatures.
  • Long read ranges –  up to 15 feet.
  • A wide variety of form factors available.
  • Read with several standard RFID readers such as ThingMagic and Intermec EPC readers.
  • Sensor transmits a unique ID with each sensor reading.
  • Multiple tags can be read by one reader, even if they are all “in the radio field” at the same time.
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Examples of Battery-Free UHF RFID Temperature Sensors

Passive RFID Temperature Sensor – Credit Card Format


Our standard format for UHF RFID temperature sensors.

Dual-Tethered High Temperature RFID Wireless Sensor


Tethered temperature sensors can be used to measure extreme temperature by separating the sensor and the transmitter.

Metal-Mount RFID Temperature Sensor for Power Utility Equipment


Ideal or mounting on bus bars, switches, and other high voltage equipment that needs a maintenance-free temperature sensor.

Voltage (AC or DC) + Temperature RFID Wireless Sensor


RFID tags with voltage inputs can be used to connect to many other sensors, such as temperature.

Coming soon.  Contact us for more information.

Food Probe with RFID Wireless Temperature Sensor

RFID temperature probe for food processing

Battery-free food probes can be read with many standard RFID readers. Easily monitor quality and consistency.

Embedded Metal-Mount Moisture + Temperature Sensor

Moisture and Temperature RFID sensor for roadbeds and bridges

For bridge decks & roadbeds – wireless temperature and humidity RFID sensor is optimized for structural health monitoring (SHM) of bridges. Fast and easy collection of data means potential problems can be detected early.

Distributed by our partner, Bridge Preservation Inc.

 Cryogenic RFID Sensor – Ultra-Low Temperature

Cyrogenic RFID Sensor - ultra-low temperature

Designed for NORCAT to be incorporated into the next moon probe. Temperature range of -175C to +20C.

Flex-Circuit Metal-Mount RFID Resistance + Temperature Sensor

UHF RFID flex sensor

Monitor a change in resistance and temperature of a thin materials. Our ultra-thin flex-circuits make it possible to monitor in unusual or hard-to-reach applications

Rugged Metal-Mount RFID Temperature Sensor


Used by the US Army for tank tread testing. Proof our sensors can handle extreme conditions!