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HF RFID Wireless Temperature Sensor Demo Video

About High Frequency (HF) Passive RFID Wireless Sensors

Usable in many different applications. See examples below.
HF RFID Sensors use a magnetic field to wirelessly communicate, using a coiled wire antenna to generate the magnetic field.
With a read range of 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm), HF RFID is the standard in medical applications – to assure that a nearby tag is not being mistakenly read.
For example, Psion/Proxima, FEIG/OBID, and WebDT.
Phase IV uses Melexis’ HF sensor chip.
Because of the lower frequency (as compared to UHF tags) and the magnetic field communication, HF sensor tags are a good choice for embedding inside materials such as cement, rubber, composite materials, etc.
No batteries to change means no maintenance needed.
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Examples of Battery-Free HF RFID Passive Wireless Sensors

HF RFID Passive Temperature Sensor – Credit Card-Size Format

Passive HF RFID sensor no battery wireless sensor

Our standard format – credit card-sized HF RFID passive temperature sensor (battery-free).

HF RFID Dual Tethered High Temperature Sensor

HF RFID Tethered high-temperature sensor

Tethered temperature sensors can be used to measure extreme temperature by separating the sensor and the transmitter.

Food Probe with HF RFID Wireless Temperature Sensor

Wireless HF RFID Food Probe

Battery-free food probes can be read with many standard HF ISO15693 RFID readers. Easily monitor quality & consistency.

Key Fob HF RFID Passive Temperature Sensor

Key Fob HF RFID Passive Temperature Sensor

Sensors can be packaged into conventional enclosures, such as this key fob style.

Embedded HF RFID Wireless Sensor for Rotating Objects


In this custom design for a Fortune 500 client, HF RFID sensors using loop antennas are ideal for monitoring spinning or rotating objects, such as tires.



For more detailed information on our passive wireless RFID sensors employing HF technology, see these data sheets: