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Bluetooth Low Energy / Bluetooth Smart Wireless Sensor with iPhone Interface


About Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wireless Active Sensors

  • Connect directly with iPhones and other mobile devices and PCs that support Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth 4.0).
  • Ideal for personal wireless sensing – where the smart phone acts as the “always with you” receiver and Graphical User Interface.
  • BLE protocol is optimal for Internet of Things monitoring – where the system is relies on short bursts of small data packets.
  • BLE devices are much easier to connect than standard Bluetooth. No more frustration trying to connect.
  • Sensors can be ultra-small, using coin cell batteries.
  • Patented BLE OvuRing Technology – US Issued Patent No. 8715204.

Need an off-the-shelf battery-powered active sensor system that’s ready to go?  See our Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) product family.

OvuRing for PrimaTemp – Phase IV’s Patented Bluetooth Low Energy Breakthrough

Phase IV is working closely with PrimaTemp to develop the OvuRing – a breakthrough in human ovulation monitoring. The simple and inexpensive system consists of a continuous, wireless, core temperature sensor and App for want-to-be moms. Learn more at the PrimaTemp web site.

OvuRing Wireless Temeperature Sensor and App for Fertility Monitoring


Phase IV / Prima-Temp Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Awards and Recognition

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