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New! Leap Wireless Sensor Network System

Designed for fast & easy customization – Smart device & IoT ready

Leap Wireless Sensor in industrial enclosure with antenna
  • Breakthrough design makes it easy to adapt the system to your exact needs, without expensive custom engineering design.
  • 250F (120C) extreme operating temperature – the ONLY wireless sensor with industrial temperature ratings for electronics, battery, and enclosure.
  • “Practically battery-free™”: Long-life battery lasts 8+ years in typical industrial monitoring applications.
  • Adaptable to almost any sensor – multiple sensors per module keep the total system cost low.
    • Temperature, vibration, pressure, current, strain, humidity, and more.
    • Multiple sensors can be combined on a single Leap module – up to 18 sensors, depending on type of sensor.
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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) – Long-Range Battery-Powered Off-the-Shelf Wireless Sensors  icon-battery-40-pix

WSN Wireless Sensor Network Bundles – Long Range


WSN system bundles include everything to be up and running in less than 5 minutes. Includes sensor, web gateway, web interface, email alerts, and text message alerts.

  Gateways, SensorManager.com, and Accessories (if not ordered as a bundle)

  Give it a try, right now, on our Live SensorManager.com Demonstration Site. 

…Add Up to 100 Wireless Sensors to the WSN Bundle

See the COMPLETE LIST OF WSN SENSORS – over 20 different types.

Getting Started Video Demonstrations 


CUSTOM battery-powered wireless sensors – Our Specialty  icon-battery-40-pix  icon-custom-40-pix

Leverage our 25 years of experience on the leading edge of wireless sensor design.

Learn more about our Custom Wireless Sensor Solutions 


Micro-T Miniature Wireless Data Loggers

spacemicro-t-pc-station-240    micro-t-can

 Micro-T DataLogger Demonstration

UHF RFID Wireless Data Loggers

uhf-demo         vials

      Add Additional UHF RFID Data Loggers to the Starter Kit

UHF RFID Data Logger Demonstration


CUSTOM Wireless Data Loggers  icon-wireless-40-pix  icon-custom-40-pix

The battery-free RFID wireless communication gives our data loggers many unique advantages.

Learn more about our Custom Data Logger Solutions 

Battery-Free RFID Sensor Demonstration Kits

spaceuhf-demo    no-battery-tag

Demonstration kits include everything to be up and running in less than 5 minutes.  Includes Battery-Free (Passive) Wireless RFID Data Sensors, UHF RFID Reader, UHF RFID Antenna, and Windows Demonstration Software.

See the 2016 RFID Product of the YearPhase IV’s RFID Sensor Readercoming soon in demonstration kits.


We Specialize in CUSTOM Battery-Free RFID Sensors  icon-battery-free-40-pix   icon-custom-40-pix

Phase IV Engineering invented battery-free (passive) wireless sensing – and we are the world’s leader in the technology.  Many applications require modifications to existing RFID sensor designs.  Contact us and talk to an expert about your sensor needs.

Learn more about our Custom RFID Sensors 

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