Wireless Temperature Monitoring System for Refrigerator/Freezer-Text Alerts/Alarms – Leap Sensors

Includes: Refrigerator/freezer wireless temperature sensor and temperature probe in thermal buffer jar.  The temperature probe comes with an ultra-thin cable and mounting stickers to make it fast and easy to install (see photos).  

Use any web-connected computer, tablet, or smart phone to interact with your sensors. Includes customizable email and SMS text alerts which act as a refrigerator/freezer alarm.

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The refrigerator sensor is just one of many types of wireless sensors that are available in the Leap product line.  The system is easily expandable, with other types of sensors, to monitor other critical parts of your business.

See the video demonstration – monitoring with email and text alerts.


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Included in your Wireless Temperature Monitoring System (click links to learn more):

  • Wireless Refrigerator / Freezer Temperature Sensor
    • All the mounting hardware you need to quickly install the sensor – adhesive-backed Velcro and cold-temperature foil mounting stickers
    • Comes with an ultra-thin cable to route the temperature probe into the refrigerator – through the door seal
  • Thermal Buffer Jar – to prevent temperature spikes and  false alerts – Assure temperature readings meet audit guidelines

Do you need something a little different?  Please contact an expert at Phase IV with your specific needs. We specialize in customized sensors.

Quick Demonstration and Tutorial Videos:

Wireless Sensor Video Demos – watch a new system be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Included in this video demonstration…

  • Setting-up a new system – in less than 5 minutes.
  • Setting-up Text and Email Alerts
  • Graphing Sensor Data
  • Downloading Sensor Data to a Spreadsheet
  • Adding Other Non-Temperature Sensors

Leap Wireless Sensor Transmitter Specifications

  • Transmission Distance to a gateway – typically 1500 feet in open air.  Several hundred feet in an industrial environment.
  • Battery Life – 5 to 10 years in typical applications.
    • Different enclosures are available to balance battery size and battery life.
  • Rugged Sensor Enclosure
    • Sealed all-metal enclosure with mounting flanges.  2.44 x 1.33 x 4.73 inches
  • Sensor Mounting Options
    • Screw mount flanges
    • Comes with adhesive-backed hook-and loop mounting – fast and easy to install.
  • Operating Temperature – Standard sensor -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F).
  • 2-way Communication with the sensor through the user interface:
    • Name the sensor, set sensor sampling time interval, set wireless transmit time interval, over-the-air firmware updates.
    • Gateways send an acknowledgement to the sensor that the data was received for high reliability.
  • Sensor Data Logging – When sensors do not receive an acknowledgement from the gateway that the radio transmission was received, the Leap Sensor will store the time-stamped data on-board until the gateway connection is established.
  • Reliable Industrial Over the Air Radio Communication
    • Industry standard 802.15.4 with Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).
    • Gateway “hand-shake” acknowledgements of successful transmission and sensor data logging for extra reliability.
  • Over the Air Protocol – Standard and established 6LoPan and Thread.
  • Data Security – AES encryption.  Standard and established TLS security.
  • FCC certified.
  • One gateways support 250 sensors that are in-range.  Additional gateways can extend the sensor coverage.
  • Battery – user-replaceable 3.6V battery.

Leap Wireless Sensors Gateway (Receiver) and User Interface Software

See the Leap Sensors gateway products web page and the Leap Sensors User Interface options web page for more detailed information.

Leap Sensors wirelessly transmit their data to a gateway*.  This gateway can support over 250 sensors.  The gateway then passes the data to the Leap user interface software.  The user interface software may be hosted on the gateway (and connected to a PC with a USB cable), on the password-protected Leap Sensors Cloud web site, or an on-site server.

User interface supports: logging-in, set user rights, view sensor data, set email and text alerts (cloud version), graph sensor data, download data to excel, add or subtract sensors, update firmware, and other functions.

*Custom-ordered leap sensors are available with a direct-to-cellular option where no gateway is needed and the data is sent directly to a cloud server.  Contact us for more information.

High-Value Features Unique to the Leap Wireless Sensor Product Line

These sensors are a true leap advancement in IoT industrial wireless sensing.