Temperature Micro-T RFID Data Logger, COLD Temperature -40°C to 80°C, 200 PSI, Miniature

This Micro-T data logger is customized for low temperatures from Cold Temp Version: -40°C to 80 °C (-40°F to 175 °F). at pressures up to 200 PSI.

See more information on the Micro-T Data Logger on the About RFID Data Loggers page.  To see all versions of this data logger – see the Micro-T Product Listing page.

We specialize in custom sensors.  If this isn’t exactly what you need, please contact us.

Watch our video demonstration of the Micro-T


We specialize in custom sensors.  If this isn’t exactly what you need, please contact us.

  • Micro Miniature: small size and low mass enables accurate readings with minimal thermal impact on sensed environment.  17mm diameter X 15mm high.
  • Food Safe—enclosure is made with FDA approved plastic and is safe to use in food process monitoring.
    • Contact us for use in chemicals other than food or water for alternative chemical-resistant enclosures.
  • Wireless interface—enables the Micro-T to be sealed & submersible.
  • Wide Temperature Range — Cold Temp Version: -40°C to 80 °C (-40°f to 175 °F).
  • Accurate— ±1.0°C within user-defined range;   ±0.2°C also available – contact us.
  • High Pressure Operation— 200 PSI.  Contact Us for higher pressure versions.
  • Long Battery Life— ~1,000,000.
  • Shelf Life – 4 months.
  • User-configurable—sampling rates from 1 second to 48 hours.
  • High Number of Records—stores 3,902 time stamped records.
  • Real Time Clock— accurate time—temperature correlation.
  • Simple Desktop Wireless “Reader” connects to PC with a USB cable.
  • Software downloads data, stores in CSV or XML file, and graphs results.
  • Rapid Response Time – see the graph in top left corner of this page.  Click on the graph to enlarge it.

*Battery life will vary with operating temperature, sensor type, and transmission interval.

This wireless sensor is ideal for monitoring:

  • Measuring temperature profiles.
  • Retort monitoring.
  • Pasteurization monitoring.
  • Process verification.
  • Recording temperature.
  • Datalogging temperature.

This is a special-order item.  Lead times are typically 3 weeks.