Repeater – Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Sensor Range Expander

////Repeater – Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Sensor Range Expander

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Repeater – Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Sensor Range Expander


The WSN Repeater expands the range (transmission distance) between the sensor and the gateway.  When a sensor is too far away for the signal to reach the gateway, a repeater can be plugged-in to a standard 120V wall socket to “bridge the distance” between the sensor(s) that are out of range from the gateway.

The repeater receives a signal from the sensor, then re-transmits the signal to the gateway – expanding the “reach” of the wireless sensor network.


  • The whole repeater simply plugs into a 120V wall socket – not battery powered.
  • Just add the repeater to your wireless sensor system – just like a WSN sensor.  Input the ID# and sensor code (from the sticker on the repeater), plug it in the wall, and it is up and running.
  • Each repeater can support 100 WSN sensors.
  • The repeater can store over 20,000 sensor messages if the link to the gateway is temporarily lost.
  • Comes with FCC and IC certification.
  • LED on the front of the repeater gives a status.
  • The repeater adds a delay of ~20 seconds.  If the repeater needs to process more than 6 sensor transmissions a minute, the passing of the data may be delayed beyond 20 seconds.