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Phase IV Wins “The Most Practical Structural Health Monitoring Solution for Civil / Mechanical Systems Award” at the 2017 International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (IWSHM)

At the International Workshop on Stuctural Health Monitoring (IWSHM) conference at Stanford University in September of 2017, Phase IV Won the presegious “The Most Practical Structural Health Monitoring Solution for Civil / Mechanical Systems Award“.  The contestants for the award demonstrated their Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solution to the particpants at the conference and the demonstrations were judged by a panel of experts.

Phase IV Engineering demonstrated its Battery-Free RFID Embedded Strain sensor  system during the “SHM in Action” event.  During the demonstration, Phase IV showed that the sensing system could read through several inches of concrete, displayed accurate strain readings, could read multiple sensors at the same time, and could be read by both desktop and hand-held RFID readers.

See the video demonstration at Stanford Unversity that won the award.

Learn more about this unique sensor system on our RFID Strain Sensing Solutions Page.

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Dassault Falcon Jet 8X Video Features Phase IV WSN Sensors to Assure Luxurious Private Jet Comfort

Falcon Jet recently released a beautiful video of its new luxurious 8X private jet.  The video features Phase IV Sensors that are used for extensive cabin comfort quality assurance.

Take a look at this beautiful 2-minute Video from Dassault of the 8X jet.

The Phase IV WSN sensors are shown at the 1:07 mark in the video.

Click on “Read More” to see the video.

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Phase IV’s Involvement with Teaching Kids Vital Project Management Skills is Highlighted by the Project Management Institute

Phase IV is a sponsor and supporter of Destination Imagination – a global organization that teaches valuable skills in the area of: project management, innovation skills, teamwork, and technical skills.

See an interview with Phase IV’s CEO, Scott Dalgleish, about his involvement with Destination Imagination to teach kids critical project management skills in the Project Management Institute’s Education Foundation newsletter,  PM Philanthropist.  


Educators praise project-based learning for giving youth valuable skills in day-to-day life, as well as the career skills they need for success in tomorrow’s economy.

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Phase IV Wins Best New Product at 2016 RFID Journal Live – Runner-Up for Most Innovative Use of RFID

Phase IV Engineering was honored at the RFID Journal Live trade show by winning Best New Product for its RFID Sensor Reader.  This reader is optimized to read RFID Sensors and has many patent-pending features to make integration of this reader with industrial machines fast and easy.

In addition, Phase IV’s client, Reichhold, won Most Innovative Use of RFID with the Micro-T data logger.

See the RFID Journal 2016 Awards Press Release.

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New Developments in Passive RFID Sensing – Energy Harvesting Circuits for Longer Range and Better Sensing

UHF is the latest evolution in RFID technology offering longer read range and enabling new types of sensing applications.  As capable as UHF RFID is, passive sensing tags still must operate all of their circuitry by capturing RF energy transmitted from the reader.   As RFID systems add more sophisticated sensors, you can run into limitations as some sensors take more energy to operate and the accuracy of certain sensors is dependent on the stability and quality of input power.

One way the RFID sensing industry has addressed these limitations is with Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) sensors.   BAP sensors provide stability and quality input power to the sensing circuits, and allow the RF communication circuits to be more efficient, often doubling the effective read range over a passive RFID sense tag.  But there are still applications that will not accommodate a battery, so Phase IV has developed novel Energy Harvesting technology that brings many of the capabilities of a BAP sensor tag to a purely passive RFID tag.

Phase IV’s Energy Harvesting circuit captures and stores RF energy for the sensor circuit separately from the antenna circuit, effectively giving the sensor many of the advantages of a battery assist.   Our Energy Harvesting technology effectively doubles the read range of the same purely passive standard tag, and allows more power-sensitive sensors to be used.

The Phase IV Long-Range RFID Passive UHF EPC Pressure and Temperature Sensor is an example of leveraging this technology for industry-leading advantages in purely passive RFID sensing.  Breakthrough Energy Harvesting Technology is just the latest example of how Phase IV, the inventor of RFID Sensing, continues to lead the industry in technical innovation.

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